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Run of the House

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Since mom and dad have made a temporary move from the frigid winters of Grand Rapids to sunny Arizona to protect dad's health, you'd think it'd be pretty sweet at home for 15-year-old Brooke Franklin (Margo Harshman, Even Stevens). You'd be wrong. Brooke's brothers, Kurt (Joseph Lawrence, American Dreams) and Chris (Kyle Howard, Grosse Pointe, Orange County), and her sister Sally (Sasha Barrese, Just Shoot Me) are in charge. Though there is the usual bickering about household responsibilities and personal lifestyles, Brooke's siblings share more than a common gene pool; they also share a real concern about Brooke's well-being and the intention to raise their youngest sister correctly. The problem is that they usually have three different opinions on how to do it. All three of Brooke's older siblings have their own distinct approach to her upbringing. Kurt is the oldest and most responsible of the group, and although things are generally chaotic in the Franklin home, he prides himself on being the one in charge of the family. Second in line is Sally, who is beautiful and endearingly self-involved, although undeniably devoted to Brooke. The youngest brother, Chris, is slightly flaky but highly intelligent and uses his wit and charm to get away with just about anything. In many ways, Brooke is the most grown-up member of this unconventional family. She is unusually mature and trustworthy for a 15-year-old, but she knows her siblings are never going to acknowledge this. While the older kids argue over rules and responsibilities, Brooke is often the voice of reason. In a house full of young adults, there are bound to be plenty of crises that have nothing to do with Brooke. Each sibling is totally wrapped up in concerns about his or her own relationship, broken heart, sex life and career - or, in Chris' case, lack of a career. Mom and Dad call home to check in on a regular basis, but adult supervision is almost non-existent, unless you count the extremely nosey neighbor, Mrs. Norris (Mo Gaffney, That '70s Show) who loves dropping in unexpectedly to see if anything shocking is going on. She is rarely disappointed. A realistic, funny and youthful sibling comedy, Run of the House is from executive producer Betsy Thomas (Then Came You), along with executive producers Eric & Kim Tannenbaum and Robert Sternin & Prudence Fraser (The Nanny) for The Tannenbaum Company and Two Out Rally Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. (From Press Release) Note #1- The show was originally titled Coming Home during its development.moreless
Kyle Howard

Kyle Howard

Chris Franklin

Margo Harshman

Margo Harshman

Brooke Franklin

Mo Gaffney

Mo Gaffney

Mrs. Fiona Norris

Alexandra Barrese

Alexandra Barrese

Sally Franklin (as Sasha Barrese)

Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence

Kurt Franklin

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  • An up to date teen comedy with hot cast what ells could u want?

    one of the best shows i have seen on tv, dealing with teen and family issues with comedy and a hot cast thrown in. one of the best comedy's and should not have been canceled it stil shows in england and is better then alot of other shows shown on tv. However for some reason it was canceled and i feel that it shoud make a come back as there are no good comedy's on anymore and i cant think of any family situation comedy's that are not animated that are as good as this.

    I dont no weather there's any kind of thing that this leads to i just was watching it and realised that i have seen all the episodes about 4 times each and thought they could do with new ones and to say that it is a good show (no reason to cancel it)moreless
  • this show rocked!

    I wish they had never cancelled this show it was really good and funny, Chris was so funny and clumsy. i dont really know what made this show so good but it was just really really easy to get hooked on . It kinda seemed like they were a real family with the way that they bicker with each other. The way Kurt was so cocky about his skills really made me laugh because he was always fishing for complements like my best friend. i wish that they would bring this show back because i thought it was totally fab!moreless
  • I miss this show!!

    They stopped after like one season, not even giving it a fair chance!! i wish they would bring it back cause it was really funny! and the actors did well together. I was just wondering if anyone else thougt so too?

    so in conclusion I miss my show, (tear) and hope they some day bring it back!
  • Where can you find it?
    I was just wondering if anyone knows where you can find episodes of this show. I have't seen it since it was on tv. Thanks! =D
  • Good show
    I read that this show wasent that good and not really worth it, but after seeing a couple of episodes i actually think its okay go...

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