Run of the House

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Sep 11, 2003 on The WB
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Sally, Kurt, and Chris are three perfect examples of "The Boomerang Generation," which, as the name implies, refers to kids who grow up, leave home for college, and then come right back to the nest. For their younger sister, 15-year-old Brooke Franklin, the sociological phenomenon is a lifesaver since her parents are always away on vacation. Left to fend for themselves by their globetrotting parents, the four create an unusual surrogate family marked by the usual sibling rivalries and power plays. Somehow they manage to overcome the pettiness, however, in a uniquely genuine attempt to create a nuclear family in the absence of one.moreless

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    Kyle Howard

    Kyle Howard

    Chris Franklin

    Mo Gaffney

    Mo Gaffney

    Mrs. Fiona Norris

    Joey Lawrence

    Joey Lawrence

    Kurt Franklin

    Margo Harshman

    Margo Harshman

    Brooke Franklin

    Alexandra Barrese

    Alexandra Barrese

    Sally Franklin (as Sasha Barrese)

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      • Brooke: Our parents wouldn't have left if they didn't think we could take care of ourselves.
        Chris: Unless they made a horrible mistake.

      • Sally: It's not about me. I can't believe I just said that. Look how much I'm growing!

      • Kurt: You and Laura Mulligan?
        Chris: You and Laura Mulligan?
        Sally: Ew, it's like you guys kissed each other!
        Kurt: No wait, my kiss with her was way earlier. New Year's Eve '93.
        Chris: My God!
        Kurt: Oh my God! You were 12!
        Chris: I'm adorable!

      • Kurt: Why don't you stop being such a wise guy?
        Chris: God, you sound just like dad.
        Sally: Kurt, Chris, that's enough!
        Chris: Oh and there's mom!

      • Chris: Did you know that when I was in tenth grade, mom caught me and Tammy Sager in my bedroom completely naked?
        Brooke: (Feeling better.) Really?
        Chris: No and you know why? Because we locked the door!

      • Kurt: You!
        Chris: Me? No, this is so not my fault. If you put two teenagers in a car together, nine times out of then they are going to make out.
        Kurt: You put two teenagers in a car together.
        Chris: My bad.

      • Sally: You guys this is really bad. It's the first day and we've already lost our little sister!

      • Kurt: You let her get in a car with Scotty Banks?
        Chris: Well, he goes by 'Scott' now.

      • Kurt: How's my sister taste?

      • Brooke: Why'd you really leave law school?
        Chris: I was just different to everyone else there?
        Brooke: How?
        Chris: They wanted to be lawyers.

      • Chris: Brooke's probably up in her room, we've nothing to worry about.
        (Scene changes to show Kurt, Sally & Chris going to Brooke's "room")
        Chris: Please be in your room, please be in your room.
        (Opens door. Sees Brooke making out with Scott)
        Chris: See, nothing to worry about.

      • (As Kurt throws Scott out of the house for making out with Brooke)
        Kurt (talking to Scott): Bye Scottie!
        Scott:'s Scott..
        Kurt: WHATEVER!

      • (After Brooke just faked crying to get money from Kurt)
        Sally: Gasp! The torch has been passed.

      • Kurt: Didn't Law School start?
        Chris: Yeah, but it wasn't - what's the word I'm looking for - fun.
        Kurt: No one ever said Law School was fun.
        Sally: Hello, didn't you see Legally Blonde?

      • Kurt: I cannot believe you quit Law School.
        Chris: What about your baseball career? You quit the Minor Leagues and moved back home.
        Kurt: Ha! I didn't quit, I sucked and they cut me! DAMMIT!

      • Brooke: So mom and dad just picked up and left for the entire winter?
        Kurt: Yeah.
        Brooke: Do you have any idea what this is going to do for my social life!? I can have one!

    • NOTES (1)

      • This marks the second time Margo Harshman (Brooke) has worked with a relative of a Boy Meets World cast member. Joey Lawerence's younger brother, Matt, played Jack Hunter for the last 3 seasons. She previously worked with Ben Savage's brother, Fred, on at least one episode of Even Stevens which he directed.

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