Season 1 Episode 2

Identity Crisis

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

Paul gets into the dead woman's account on his PDA and a mystery person IMs him. He says he knows it's Paul on the account and tells Paul to meet him at the train station in Chicago. Paul asks "How do I know I can trust you?" Mystery person says "You don't".

Hannah "Blending In" and trying to reinvent herself and become popular. She gets invited to a party and when the subject of liquor came up, she offered to bring it. She knows there's no way she could buy it herself so she asks Henry to get it with his fake ID that he used to use all the time at home. Henry said he wouldn't do it.

Later, Henry has a reporter at school asking him questions because she wants to do an article on the "victims of Katrina" and what it's like to move. She makes a comment about "Who wouldn't want to move and reinvent themselves!" and that's when he has a change of heart and goes and buys the liquor for Hannah. He gets 2 bottles of vodka and grabs some bananas to look less suspicious. The cashier takes one look at the fake ID and says "Hey Joe, what do you think of this ID?" Henry turns around and "Joe" is a cop and he's arrested on the spot.

Paul is driving by as they're getting Henry out of the cop car and storms into the station and puts on a pissed off father show to make it look good so no questions are asked. He even grabs a pair of scissors from behind the desk and makes him cut the ID up. They were almost out the door but the cops said they couldn't leave yet and fingerprinted him.

Back at the FBI station, the woman after Paul says the kids aren't as smart so she has them check henry's things hoping to trace his prints.

Hannah asks Henry to go to the party with him. He does. She gets wasted and starts telling a dumb story to impress her new friends. She tells how the last time she was drunk she took all her clothes off and jumped into a pool and it was "soo insane!". They show a flashback of this scene but it was something Henry did with his friends while Hannah stood in the window and watched. One of the girls' questions why they moved if their last house was so big and cool. She says "Well my family got into some trouble.." Henry cuts her off and gets her out of there and sneaked her in through downstairs and it shows her waking up in his room. She's thankful she didn't get caught by her parents, she seems more embarrassed than anything.

Someone did question Henry on what Hannah meant by this and he said she was talking about him, that HE got into some trouble back home.

Tommy's teacher asked him where he was from. He messed up and one second said he was from New Orleans and the next Philadelphia. So the teacher was like "well, which is it?" and the other kids started giggling at him and made him feel stupid so he faked an asthma attack to get out of it. He ended up in the hospital with an oxygen mask over his face. When his mother came and saw him he took it off and winked at her like he was letting her know he was faking it.

Once Paul saw this he was determined to take the risk and meet the guy in Chicago because he "can't have his son having asthma attacks" because of all the questions.

He gets on the train, guy running through says its not safe here, some dumb train chase, he realizes the guy was bleeding and he lost him somewhere on the train. When Paul gets home, he realizes the mystery guy stuck some kind of clue in his pocket.

At the end Paul gives Henry the paper with his fingerprints that were taken at the PD. Needless to say, the FBI 's computer check for a match on the fingerprints didn't come up with anything. They didn't say how Paul got them.
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