Season 1 Episode 2

Identity Crisis

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on The CW

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  • Love Runaway! : ) It has what it takes to continue this season as well as into further seasons. It reminds me a lot of The Fugitive...gets the adrenalin flowing! Excellent storyline and drama! Superb acting.

    Runaway is similar to \"The Fugitive\"! Cool to have a similar show involving the whole FAMILY. Each character is fascinating and enjoyable to watch. Great to see actors from other fantastic shows: Mother(Leslie Hope) played Jack Bauer\'s wife in 24; Daughter (Sarah Ramos) played the youngest daughter in American Dreams. I really believe Runaway will continue...especially since it was moved to Sundays. It\'s a cool show to watch following \"The Amazing Race\", because they both involve the excitement of family togetherness & teamwork yet each heading towards a different goal. Good Luck, Runaway!! : )
  • lol. The storyline is unoriginal but I like the kids' scenes.

    After seeing the 2nd episode which was better than the first, all I could think about the father's problem was how unoriginal. Although the name \"Runaway\" was the first clue, you definitley can now tell where the theme of this show is going. It seems better suited for a movie rather than a TV show. Like I said about the pilot episode, I don\'t like playing these kind of guessing games with TV shows. I can watch soap operas for that kind of storyline. I didn\'t like the flashbacks to show us what happened with the father and now you can tell that every episode there will be a new clue and he\'ll get a bit closer to finding out who framed him and why that woman was murdered. Obviously he\'s not going to figure it out too soon, because then the show would have to end or would need a name change. As for what they're "Running away" from, I'm bored already. Also, isn't it kind of insensitive to real victims of hurricane Katrina to use it the way they are? I bet if their fake excuse was losing everything to 9/11, people would be going nuts.

    BUT. I did enjoy "Jason" and "Kate"'s interactions. Kate being a nobody at her other school and reinventing herself at this one and "Jason" getting a change of heart and buying her liquor so she'd fit in and despite their sibling rivaly, he showed he cared by acting like a big bro and kept an eye on her the whole time so she wouldn't do anything stupid. He even snuck her in downstairs so their parents wouldn't find out she got wasted. Then when he got arrested and his father not being completely pissed off at him.

    He's got some good comebacks too, I like the actor's style with the way he says them.

    "Mikey" faking an asthma attack just because he didn't know what to say to his teacher was also good.
  • 30 times better then the pilot and it seems to only get better this is the best new show your not whacthing. The ratings are hideous people just cuz the show is called Runaway dosnt mean you dont whacth it. read on....

    I enjoyed the episode I do think the show will run out of storlines but otherwise I liked it. Jason and Kate are fitting in kate is fitting in with wild stories and has a crush on the much older Andrew lawrence. I like the flashbacks has that Lost feel which I enjoy. The father goes to chicgo to see an old college who gives him a key to what I dont know? When I first heard about the show I didint think it would have a mystery/plot though out the season. littile Radar goes has an astma attack while trying to cover up and remember were he came from. The ads fro next season are misleading cuz last week it showed a munch of clips that were not in this episode I think the bew CW made a huge mistake making 7th heaven a leadin Everwood would of been better since it has more of the same audience even though Runaway is against the best new show heroes whicch I love. Not much to say otherwise about he show Oh and I hate the opening credits yuck. Cantwait for next week.

  • Start to develop the plot and characters a little bit more.

    This episode really does a good job of fleshing out characters and the story a little more. Paul continues to search for the answer to who is trying to frame him for this murder, and why. This eventually sends him to Chicago to try to talk to an anonymous source about it. He finds out a little bit, and ends up getting attacked in the process. There is still a lot we need to find out.

    The kids also start to accustom themselves to there new school. Hannah continues to try to blend in with the "popular" kids at school, even going as far as offering to supply the booze for a party(which ends up getting Henry arrested). And Henry continues thinking about and missing Kylie, while also meeting a girl named Sam who shows a lot of interest in him. Little Tommie has an asthma attack and gets sent to the local hospital. He also enters the third grade spelling bee.

    Identity Crisis was a good episode that starts to pull us into the story a little more, and also lets us learn a little more about the Rader family. A good episode in all, leaving me excited for next Monday already!
  • One of the most underappreciated shows out right now.

    I thought the acting this episode was great especially by Dustin Milligan and Donnie Wahlberg. This show is very underappreciated and although the story line is a bit cliche, it's very well written. I still can't stand the sister or the mother, for the most part the acting was very convincing. Dustin confronted the bully very coolly, and seems like he epitomizes his character in terms of having his fake ID and being a bad boy, yet still willing to protect his family no matter how much they annoy him. It's disappointing that the show probably won't be around much longer because I highly enjoy it.