Season 1 Episode 2

Identity Crisis

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on The CW

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  • Start to develop the plot and characters a little bit more.

    This episode really does a good job of fleshing out characters and the story a little more. Paul continues to search for the answer to who is trying to frame him for this murder, and why. This eventually sends him to Chicago to try to talk to an anonymous source about it. He finds out a little bit, and ends up getting attacked in the process. There is still a lot we need to find out.

    The kids also start to accustom themselves to there new school. Hannah continues to try to blend in with the "popular" kids at school, even going as far as offering to supply the booze for a party(which ends up getting Henry arrested). And Henry continues thinking about and missing Kylie, while also meeting a girl named Sam who shows a lot of interest in him. Little Tommie has an asthma attack and gets sent to the local hospital. He also enters the third grade spelling bee.

    Identity Crisis was a good episode that starts to pull us into the story a little more, and also lets us learn a little more about the Rader family. A good episode in all, leaving me excited for next Monday already!