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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on The CW

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  • An interesting start to what seems like an underappreciated series.

    I have had Runaway saved on my DVR for months now and only last night did I delve into its murky world. I know I shouldn't have but I went into it with low expectations: I mean, come on, the show was cancelled after only 3 episodes and it was on The CW! What hope could there be?

    Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The show had an intriguing storyline and left me wanting to know what was going to happen next. Donnie Wahlberg is believable as Paul Rader and the child actor(s) act in a mature fashion.

    When watching this show, however, you can see that it is not of 100% top quality: there are moments when you want the show to speed up and you can tell that it has been aimed at 12-25 year olds. Having said that, the story is riveting.

    I've always been a fan of serial dramas and while this one certainly isn't up there with "Heroes", "Jericho" and "Lost" it still provides and intersting hour of viewing. Think a tamed down, more family-friendly version of "The Riches".

    Unfortunatly this series only has 9 episodes so I know that there will be no revelation at the end of the series, but, as one TV.Com blogger said, "just because the song is over why not enjoy the music".
  • Well it\'s somewhat interesting. I don\'t know, I think I liked the actors more than the storyline.

    It\'s only the first episode so not really sure how I feel about it. My first impression was being annoyed that Everwood was canceled and this is one of it\'s replacements because it had a few similarities. \"Jason\" being the new kid at a new school and getting picked on reminded me of Everwood and Ephrams first days of school. 2 teenage siblings bickering, Yeah, that\'s new. Despite the funny lines \"Why so you can play with yourself?\" and \"Oh like you don\'t?\", it wasn\'t original.

    I didn\'t like the guessing games of what the father did or didn\'t do either.
  • I was pleasantly surprised.

    I was pleasantly surprised on how much i like this show. Always difficult to review a pilot episode of a new show. I was curieus about why this whole family was on the run. And through flashbacks during this episode filled in. The fact that the father was innocent and that his family was treatened made it so that they all had to run. Exciting to see the information the dad gets on his Palm. And the pursuers who were led around the bush so to speak. Don't know excactly what kind of job he had and why this woman had to die. Sound a bit like The Fugitive with Richard Kimble trying to prove his innocence, only now involving a familie.
  • A great show so far!

    A great show though I agree with most of what everybody is saying, underappreciated. This is, Officially, the first show out of the new CW network.
    It is the Fugitive with the family as Donnie Wahlberg as a lawyer who is running with his family after a crime that he didn't commit. Donnie proves that he is not under his superstar younger brother's shadow as he carries the show really well.
    Here's hoping for a hit for the first CS show!
  • The show was interesting enough to require additional viewing. The cast fits the theme and the potential for intrigue throughout a season is certainly there!

    This type of show...continuing from episode to episode without a conclusion seems to have become the current industry fad. The trick will be to keep viewers like me willing to continue to tune in. The writers have their work cut out for them with this one, but it is certainly a new and fresh plot line. I look forward to the next few episodes to see where this will go. Will the runaways slip up in a week or will the people slowly forming a circle around the runaways find out the truth. On a side note, it is good to see Donnie Wahlberg back in a starring role. He is a good actor and seems ideal for the lead role in this series.
  • I liked this episode well enough...

    It's going to take some time for me to get fimiliar with this show, and it's characters... but I do think that this show has some good potential. I do hope that it sticks around long enough to get a feel for the characters... if I'm lucky it will, and if I'm not, then I'll have to look for another show to watch in this time slot. I didn't like the fox show in this time slot, and CBS & ABC's shows didn't sound too interesting in this time slot. Which means it's down to this one and Heros... and I dunno about Heros yet... As I said, this show has potential. That FBI agent had it right: the parents may know what their doing, but the kids don't...and would be the down fall of the entire family... if it comes down to that..
  • The new everwoood still lives as Do not Runaway from this great show Run to it..

    Interesting concept though it would of been better if it was created before Prison break anywho.. I saw alot of familiar canadian faces like the people from the cancelled show Train 48 i liked that

    They had to adjust to this poorer lifestyle If I were the writers I would of had the Pilot as them living and the murder with this werid cat. The acting is not perfect but its defently well written. This show really has that Everwood feel to but with a mystery which I really dont get yet? An okay soundtrack could be better and its against the wonderfull show Heroes which may be its downfall. I do not appreciate how shows are taking Lost\\\'s idea by having the show Logo at the beginning and end of the show Otherwise if more people would whacth this would be a hit.
  • Runaway is the first series to officially debut on the CW, and what a good way to start!

    Runaway is the first series to officially debut on the CW, and what a good way to start!

    This series focuses on the Rader family. Paul Rader has been accused falsely of murdering his secretary. Now the Rader family is on the run from the law. They simply have to pack up and leave their home, family, and friends all behind, and move to a whole new state.

    This is a very good introductory episode that brings a lot of plot to the table. First of all, we obviously have the plot line of Paul Rader being framed for murder and the law trying to chase him down. We also have the Rader family themselves, learning to deal with each other and drawing closer together. And then there are other minor things such as Henry trying to keep in contact with his girlfriend, Hannah taking an interest in a boy at school, Paul taking a job as a cook, Tommy having troubles keeping his story strait, and Lily changing the families "story" on the fly that they are now victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    Overall this is a very well written and enjoyable show to watch. And with so much questions that need answering, I am looking forward to next weeks episode already! Do yourself a favor, and tune in to this great show next Monday!
  • The Fugitive, that brings the family along for the ride!

    From the pilot this could become a good thrilling show but then again if it becomes a teen high school “Oh! My mum & dad are never there for me!” then it will bomb as quick as that.

    We seem to have a good back story so let’s hope the writers can get it right and hold the suspense throughout.

    All in all it’s worth a few episodes to see how it goes.