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  • If you ever sat late at night hoping for a show that mixed every "fugitive-on-the-run" stereotype in the history of the mankind, your prayers have been answered.

    Let me start by saying that this show is very bad. It just never becomes interesting, despite hopes that it will eventually become so.

    Where to start? How about the flashbacks. They don't make any sense whatsoever. We see Donny Wahlberg's character at his home, saying something about how the books don't balance and some kind of account is locked. This has what to do with a murder charge again? Then there's the next one, where he's outside a courthouse, talking about a client and fending off the advances from his partner. He then says how happy he is that his client's charges have been dropped, then gets in a limosine, end flashback. What does any of this mean? It just isn't presented in a fashion that makes the flashbacks relevant. They drop subtle hints, seemingly to the person who has already watched 20 episodes of the show and knows exactly what account and which client.

    The wife also has a couple flashbacks (which, by the way, you aren't really sure if she's in them since she has a wig, I mean, hair in them), the first being one of everyone eating toast or something like that, completely pointless to the story and no character development. The next is one where she gets pictures of her 3 kids with a big red X on them. Seriously? A big X? This leads us to the next problem...

    This show is so based in stereotypes, it's pathetic. The red X's on photos just tops it off. They avoid the police! The kids don't understand and are pissed at dad! The daughter sees this as a time to re-invent her self-image by showing cleavage! The dad is super worried! The mom wants her family back! The son is full of teen angst! The big pressure moments don't come off as problematic at all.

    The worst though, is that the show just isn't watchable at all. I've turned it off 4 times thus far and have yet to watch the last quarter of an hour, and I almost never stop watching a show or movie mid-way through.
  • Eh, it's been done before.

    I think I saw of movie very similar to this. Same basic concept. A man is accused of a crime and he takes his family along for the ride. Donnie Wahlberg just proves how easy it is to outsmart a room full of FBI agents. And is he going to solve who framed him by the end of the season or will it be going on for the entire series? It just seems stale, unorginal, and the smallest child (with the worst acting) is just there to be a gimnic to attract viewers. Darren Star's only hit show (without help) was Sex & the City. Just add this show to his list of failures: "Miss Match," "The $treet," "Grosse Pointe," and ""Kitchen Confidential."
  • This show was about a family of 3 kids running away, because the husband, portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg, was accused of murdering one of his co-workers, after finding her throat stabbed, bleeding to death, on the floor of an apartment.

    I had mixed feelings all along from the beginning, but I decided to give the show a chance, thinking that it could pick up. After the first episode, which in my opinion was kind of dull, every time he pulled out his PDA, I decided to watch the second episode... And it was practically the same, pretty dull, with little action. Again, he had pulled out his PDA and looks at the word Kensington ominously. Is Kensington supposed to be important?? The truth is, after his display of the PDA for what seems like the 10th time, I didn't really care anymore, and I was going to watch the third episode to give it one last chance, but I heard it moved to another night, and then I didn't bother to watch it, because sunday night is already a busy night for me. My vote, 7.0/10, which is pretty generous of me.
  • Father and family run from the law after the father is accused of murder.

    This show is okay but it needs a little work. Donnie Wahlberg is alright but his brother is a much better actor. Donnie just does not bring you in or make you care about his character. Simply for this reason I don't think the show is going to last. Don't get me wrong I really hope it is given a chance to grow and develop. Despite the problems with Donnie Wahlberg this show is really allowing Dustin Milligan to get his face out. I think he is the star of the show and he is heading for great things even if this show does not last long.
  • Runaway is about a family that is on the run because the father has been accused of a murder that he didnt commit. They changed their name and apperance just so he could clear his name.

    Runaway is a great show. Its not one of those shows where you can watch one episode and say i'll never watch it again. I have watched the beginnings of the fist two episodes and they seem to be getting better every time, but i wonder how they are going to keep the story going? He cant run forever the show would just get boring, and the FBI and other federations should be able to get him easily. No person who is being accused of murdering someone is going to be able to run from everyone so easily. I think its a good show but there is no where for it to go. It has to end sometime.
  • Another show goes to the television graveyard!

    At first I was captivated by this show, but slowly I was less keen with it, granted it only held out to 3 or so episodes anyway. This show might have been better with a little more originality to it. Some of what was happening was totally unoriginal and boring. The actors did a good job with what they had to work with. This show also had a tough break because it was a new show on a new station. There were greater expectations for the show than it could ever achieve. Being on the CW, it was tough, if it had been on another station it might have faired better.
  • The series premeire of 'Runaway' proved that it is mildly interesting!

    The first episode of Runaway was mildly interesting. At first i didn't know what to expect; however the show has proved that with good writing & acting it has a future.

    Due to the fact that it is centered around the struggles of a family, is provides an intriguing contrast to the long running family series...'7th Heaven'.

    Runaway, conveys a message to its audience; it says that even though we have problems and issues, we'll stick together as a family....for that is what families do.

    Therefore, it sends a powerful message to its audience, that cannot be ignored.

    Aside from that, it is action-packed and emotional.
    Plus it leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what is going to happen next.

    Thus, i predict a bright future ahead!!!
  • Before I watched the show I was expecting something else. Honestly, I wasnt expect much becuase I thought it was another unoriginal series, but I was wrong.

    This show began its run on The CW with excellence. I hope it can maintain my interest in upcoming episodes. I was dissapointed that it wasnt able to get as many viewers in as it did. But I hope that it will grow as The CW gets into full swing with their line up. They really need to focus on a plot similar to episode 1 if they hope to succeed. Im hoping that we get to see 3 seasons of this show or atleast a full 22 episodes. I really hope more people tune into the show.
  • Runaway is about a family who might have gotten into some trouble, and have to move around, changes their names and looks.

    Runaway is a show that did not last very long, which is sad. I wanted to find out more information, the episodes that have not appeared on tv sounded interesting. It was a good three episodes. I liked the characters, and the mystery that went along with it all, what were the kids going to do next. Would the FBI ever find out where they were? Would they have to move again and make up new names? Start all over again? It was just a mystery. It is sad that a new network new show is being cancelled. Goodybye Runway.
  • Paul rader has to take his family out of the state after being framed for a murder. Paul and his family have to change their identies. Him and his family have to adjust to knew life and hope not to be caught.

    This show was excellent CW did not give it a chance if they gave it more than 3 episodes it probably would have done better. The show had great actors and a fabolus story line. It was my favorite show until stupid CW cancelled it. What where they thinking giving that spot to Reba. I can`t stand Reba for 30min know I am going to suffer an hour of the dumbest show on Television. C.W. you will regret ever doing this this is your lost don`t cry when Reba gets you know where and you still would of wished you had Runaway.
  • I love this show I am super bummed they cancled it.

    Runaway was a great show! It has a great story the characters are fun and seem real. The show was just starting to get good. You can\'t leave us in suspense like that I really wanted to know what was going to happen next.... They need to get rid of the older shows that are getting out of hand like Smallville and bring Runaway back.
  • I was a test audience member for this pilot. The show moves fast and is funny, but its a good drama.

    Donnie Wahlberg a former lawyer is framed for the murder of his fellow lawyer. Whomever framed him has pictures of his family. The only thing Paul can do is run. Paul takes his family and runs. The Fbi is hot on there trail. Paul\'s son Henry has a girlfriend and misses her a lot. He calls her and the fbi is hot on there trail. They get a new car and head for Iowa. The rest of the show is the family of five moving into a new town, getting into school under new names and finding new jobs all with the fbi hot on there trail. Descent story, but how far can you go with this story?
  • I can't believe it was cancelled, it was such an amazing show!

    the character developments were incredible, but it also had loads of action to keep the show interesting (e.g. the tornado episode). i cant believe they cancelled it after four weeks: it hardly seems like they gave it a chance to show how good it actually is.

    luckily in the UK all episodes have been aired, and so I have seen them all. The last episode ends with the series begging for more, its unfair to fans to leave them needing an answer when they so desperately want to know what happens to all the characters!

    In conclusion, it was an amazing show, but it doesnt look like we have much of a chance of reviving it with that petition.
  • Good stuff so far. Needs more action though.

    From the moment I heard of it, I knew that the CW's new show Runaway had potential. The latest "I was framed!" drama now brings in not only the victim, but the victim's family as well.
    The parents, played by Donnie Wahlberg (Saw II, Band of Brothers) and Leslie Hope (24) have some good chemistry together and look like they'll do well. Each of the children nicely represent the stereotypical innocent and shy elementary schooler and the ambitious high school boy and girl. They all want to have fun and go about their business but it gets pretty challenging for them when they run into the usual temptations life offers to nearly bring out who you really are. Of course, these challenges actually offer the family a chance to become closer than they've ever been. While this show needs a bit more action to compete with the latest prime-time shows such as "Prison Break" and "Heroes", this show looks like it's only about to get better.
  • RUNAWAY is the only show which looks interesting on the CW after the network droped Everwood out of the schedule. But it's not enough, the show will be canceled so early because of the great competitors...

    Fox has been already premiered Vanished, and the NBC's Heros will be premiered in the same hour with Runaway and a new network cannot competiting with an "NBC". And it will be leaded-in by 7th Heaven which show will be not so succesfull to, because:
    -However it had good ratings on the WB, there was a lot of people who watched it just because they used to watch it in the past few years, but when the WB canceled the sereis for a month they felt free because they thouth they won't have to watch it just because of the habit...
    -It will be the show's 11th season, I can't imagine it can get a lot of new viewers, because it's too old!!! This is why the WB should have renewed rather Everwood, because all of the Everwood fans still in love with the series it is relatively new, so it can get a lot of new viewers, because Everwood always had a feeling what made the human fall in love with the series.
    So if I were American I would rather watch Runaway than Heros or Vanished, but american's won't, so I'm sure it will be canceled after the first season...
  • Story's about a lawyer being framed for a murder and is forced to run away from town with his family.

    It's just too bad that they had to "AXE" this show. I was really looking forward each week to watch it toO!! It would be nice if you could bring it back!!

    This is great because of the suspense and originality in it. Knowing that the title of this show pretty sums up what this show is all about, but all in all, it's comfortable to be watching each episode.

    Not sure if I should be too thankful on the way how the last episode had ended. It wasn't too much of a drifter.

    But please, consider all supporters for this drama and bring this show back.
  • A family is forced to run away after the patriarch is wrongly accused of murder.

    Runaway is no doubt a show full of potential. After having watched the pilot, I can say that the series is mildly interesting. The characters are interesting and the way in which things are played is amazing. There are both moments of suspense and moments of laughter throughout the show, though allowing viewers to perceive both the notion of this show being a thriller and a family show as well. The acting and writing are fair enough. This show sure is worth giving a try to. It will be interesting to see how it continues to play out throughout the season.
  • It is about a family who are working together to help the father clear his name. You don't see to many shows that show a family willing to work to together to help one of the members of their family.

    I really hated to see that \"Runaway\" was cancelled. It was a show you could watch with your whole family. There are not to many shows that are just good clean shows with a limited amount of cussing and sexual contents. It is hard to find a show that is clean enough to watch with your kids. I love \"7th Heaven\" and have watched it since day one and was glad when they followed it with another show I could watch with my family. I really wished they had not moved both \"7th Heaven\" and \"Runaway\" to Sunday Night as I go to church but I would just tape them and watch them later. It seems that most TV stations are looking for the more grown-up line of shows that have a lot of language, sexual contents, drinking and doing drugs. When you have to rely on shows like this, it makes me wonder if the people in charge of what shows will air have family and just don\'t care what their children watch and see on TV. I really wished they would bring \"Runaway\" back. The story was just beginning to develop and get good.
  • This is a great new show. I'm glad that it is being moved to a different time slot to give it a better chance than it had against Heroes which got a lot of hype. I think Donnie Wahlberg is a great actor and I started watching the show because of him.

    The actors who play the children are very good. I was afraid I wouldn't like the concept of the entire family being on the run because sometimes a plot involving kids can be corny but the acting is very professional and the situations have been interesting. I disagree with the reviews that say there won't be enough plot material. I think Donnie Wahlberg should be given more focus as he is the main character. It is too soon to give this show a 10 rating but so far I am hooked. I like the music too. I love it!
  • The Rader family go on the run from the law after the father is wrongly implicated in a murder. Changing identities, they try to start a new life whilst trying to uncover the facts in a conspiracy that twists deep into the fabric of their old existence.

    Exciting, fast-paced, psychological/Conspiracy thriller, which started with a family in a car fleeing the law and just didn't down the pace (or the paranoia!)during the 9 cliff-hanging episodes shown (in the UK, only 3 in the US). Playing on the paranoia involved when the 5 Members of the Rader family have to leave their familiar, (seemingly!) safe lives behind to adapt to new lives/identities whilst constantly looking over their shoulders and trying to untangle the truth in a murder/conspiracy which implicates the Father.

    Great Show! Why was it cancelled? No prior PR and shown late. Network Heads are so Dumb!
  • Awsome show

    It was a great show, prematurely cancelled, but atleast we got an ending, more than we did in Lost. Surprise ending too. This had most Things to make it good. Lots of suspense.
  • Why did they cancel!!

    I just watched all 9 episodes and I loved them! I can't believe they cancelled!! Why? It was a good show right to the end. They cut the end too short and I was left wishing to see more! :(
  • I am so disappointed to find the show cancelled! A mystery to me why you would. Now lets think about it...a good show compared to Top Model???? No intelligence factor going on here.

    Loved the show, good characters, good story line, and good suspense. Never should have been cancelled. I can\'t believe you think an audience would prefer Top model to this show. Come on now enough with the reality BS and onto some real entertainment as was this show! Any chance you finally realized you\'ve made an error in judgement. 1.8 million how many do you need to keep a show going? You have disappointed me and many others I know in doing this, and especially replacing the slot with the ridiculous Top Model crap!!! Better programing is needed and you\'ve dropped the ball!!
  • i didnt even know it was over i kept watching for it to be on why did it end? theres so much things that didnt tie up, what the key was for i want to know thats no fair that it just got turned off like that there should at least be a Final eppisode

    the show was great i for one loved it i thought it was mysterious and i loved the acting in it,i want to know what happend to it y did it get turned off why was it on lf it was only gunna last 3 episodes it should be brought back even if its for a final episode
  • bring it back

    bring it back! i didnt even see it to its third episode and ig to hooked after that. but then the "new" cw cancels it. i swear to god if i hear another the "new cw" commercial again ill go syco i wish it was the wb. well i ended up loving this show and they did not give it time to become popu;ar and they didnt even give it a chance to become popular they put it against heroes which started b4 runaway and got viewers and became a hit! another show i love but the "new" cw should have gave it a better night not against heroes or prionbreak depending if it was on at 7 or 8 but i wouldnt no cuz i didnt see it until its third episode and they cancel rite away i wanted to c wat happened but no their goes another great shows atleast invasion got a full season and didnt get cancelled after three eps well i am thankful for that.
  • Best new show on..I don\'t understand America at all anymore. I think the way they go about tallying viewers is rigged by the mafia or someone.It had everything! Excitement, cool cast, emotional, intelligence, fast plot

    This was a great show with great storylines from the mother-daughter talk when mom thought her teen was buying condoms and the teen said being ready for sex was her personal choice, then admitted she hadn\'t had it,to the boy sneaking back where he got fake ID and being cornered by the watchdog only to have it run to the front door to great its suspiciously returning owner, allowing the boy to escape, to the dad\'s lawyer feigning friendship then demanding the evidence from the dad, to the little boy blowing the spelling championship on purpose so he wouldn\'t have his picture on the paper..I am hiding from a violent ex and so identified with it I always felt so safe after watching it, glad I and my child are ok in our dive no one knows us at--it really helped me like life.The neighbor boy was so yummy to watch with his hooded eyes, the plots realistic. I think everyone tried to copy Lost in the smae season with shows you didn\'t wrap in one hour and no one could have 3 shows a night so most have to go. I never did watch CSI- (every city in country), Law and Order,Veronica mars or any of the murder on each show shows and this wasn\'t like them, it was so good--Americans like that other stuff more? I want to leave this stupid country then. There was no show this good ever on TV before. They could have at least warned us \"next week will be the last\" instead of jerking it--i\'d have taped it--the network is not kind to their fans at all. I won\'t watch CW again because of how they handled this.
  • Family that is running from the police because the father was framed.

    Fantastic show. On the edge of my seat the entire time. The acting by the kids that star in the show is excellent. The show is similar to the classic show "The Fugitive", but takes the story to another level with the family. The pilot was great, but I believe the show will get even better as the plot progresses. I hope this show is on for many more seasons. Definately a must watch for Monday nights. This and Prison Break. I think Runaway is 8PM so watch this and tivo Prison Break and you are set. Enjoy it, I know I will.