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  • If you ever sat late at night hoping for a show that mixed every "fugitive-on-the-run" stereotype in the history of the mankind, your prayers have been answered.

    Let me start by saying that this show is very bad. It just never becomes interesting, despite hopes that it will eventually become so.

    Where to start? How about the flashbacks. They don't make any sense whatsoever. We see Donny Wahlberg's character at his home, saying something about how the books don't balance and some kind of account is locked. This has what to do with a murder charge again? Then there's the next one, where he's outside a courthouse, talking about a client and fending off the advances from his partner. He then says how happy he is that his client's charges have been dropped, then gets in a limosine, end flashback. What does any of this mean? It just isn't presented in a fashion that makes the flashbacks relevant. They drop subtle hints, seemingly to the person who has already watched 20 episodes of the show and knows exactly what account and which client.

    The wife also has a couple flashbacks (which, by the way, you aren't really sure if she's in them since she has a wig, I mean, hair in them), the first being one of everyone eating toast or something like that, completely pointless to the story and no character development. The next is one where she gets pictures of her 3 kids with a big red X on them. Seriously? A big X? This leads us to the next problem...

    This show is so based in stereotypes, it's pathetic. The red X's on photos just tops it off. They avoid the police! The kids don't understand and are pissed at dad! The daughter sees this as a time to re-invent her self-image by showing cleavage! The dad is super worried! The mom wants her family back! The son is full of teen angst! The big pressure moments don't come off as problematic at all.

    The worst though, is that the show just isn't watchable at all. I've turned it off 4 times thus far and have yet to watch the last quarter of an hour, and I almost never stop watching a show or movie mid-way through.