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  • This show was about a family of 3 kids running away, because the husband, portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg, was accused of murdering one of his co-workers, after finding her throat stabbed, bleeding to death, on the floor of an apartment.

    I had mixed feelings all along from the beginning, but I decided to give the show a chance, thinking that it could pick up. After the first episode, which in my opinion was kind of dull, every time he pulled out his PDA, I decided to watch the second episode... And it was practically the same, pretty dull, with little action. Again, he had pulled out his PDA and looks at the word Kensington ominously. Is Kensington supposed to be important?? The truth is, after his display of the PDA for what seems like the 10th time, I didn't really care anymore, and I was going to watch the third episode to give it one last chance, but I heard it moved to another night, and then I didn't bother to watch it, because sunday night is already a busy night for me. My vote, 7.0/10, which is pretty generous of me.