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  • It is about a family who are working together to help the father clear his name. You don't see to many shows that show a family willing to work to together to help one of the members of their family.

    I really hated to see that \"Runaway\" was cancelled. It was a show you could watch with your whole family. There are not to many shows that are just good clean shows with a limited amount of cussing and sexual contents. It is hard to find a show that is clean enough to watch with your kids. I love \"7th Heaven\" and have watched it since day one and was glad when they followed it with another show I could watch with my family. I really wished they had not moved both \"7th Heaven\" and \"Runaway\" to Sunday Night as I go to church but I would just tape them and watch them later. It seems that most TV stations are looking for the more grown-up line of shows that have a lot of language, sexual contents, drinking and doing drugs. When you have to rely on shows like this, it makes me wonder if the people in charge of what shows will air have family and just don\'t care what their children watch and see on TV. I really wished they would bring \"Runaway\" back. The story was just beginning to develop and get good.