Runaway - Season 1

The CW (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide


  • End Game
    End Game
    Episode 9
    Paul's efforts to get Cunningham to reveal what he knows about Erin's murder spawns a surprising confession that leaves the Rader family facing the most difficult decision of their lives.
  • There's No Place Like Home
    A tornado puts Tommy's life in danger and threatens to expose the Rader family's secret.
  • Turn, Turn, Turn
    Turn, Turn, Turn
    Episode 7
    As their world is turned upside down when the U.S. Marshals use Henry's girlfriend to contact them, Paul and Lily uncover evidence that suggests lawyer Lloyd Cunningham was involved with Erin's murder.
  • Liar, Liar
    Liar, Liar
    Episode 6
    Kylie and Henry agree to meet up in St. Louis, unaware that the FBI has followed Kylie. Meanwhile, Hannah and Brady share a kiss after he confesses his feelings for her.
  • Father Figure
    Father Figure
    Episode 5
    Gina confides in Paul and Lily about hiding out from her ex-husband Randy, who has surprisingly showed up in Bridgewater.
  • Homecoming
    Episode 4
    Hannah tries to help Brady pass his English class by switching his paper with one of her old ones, so he can play football in the homecoming game. Paul worries that someone might have followed him from Washington.
  • Mr. Rader Goes to Washington
    Paul chances a return to Washington, D.C., to follow up on a lead involving the key he found in his pocket after meeting with Tannen. Meanwhile, Hannah lies about having had sex before, Henry gets everyone fake IDs, Tommy loses a spelling bee, and Lily starts working at the hospital.
  • Identity Crisis
    Identity Crisis
    Episode 2
    Paul agrees to meet a mystery person at the train station. Hannah gets invited to a party and offers to bring the liquor so she can fit in. She asks Henry to use his fake ID to get it and he gets arrested. Then she gets drunk and almost tells everyone everything about her family's secret.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    As the series begins, a man, Paul Rader, appears driving his car and makes a stop by a lake. He gets out and lets the car run off to the bottom of the lake. Later, he drives up to a motel where his 3 kids, Henry, Hannah, and Tommy appear. His wife, Lily, is also introduced. He wakes them all up and they drive away in a hurry. Just as they drive away, the FBI comes to the motel looking for them. Apparently, Paul has been wrongly accused of murdering his secretary and he is on the run from justice, only until he finds enough proof to prove his innocence. The family moves to a house in a new state where they all have false names and try to start fresh while keeping their secret. Although reluctant to bear with their new lives at first, the kids soon learn to adjust and Paul gets a job as a waiter. Towards the end, Paul learns that the murder was not an accident. Someone sends him a text message threatening the lives of his kids if he doesn't stay away. Thus, this is proof enough for Paul to believe that someone killed his secretary to harm him.moreless