Running Wilde

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2010 on FX

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  • Shaky pilot

    I really wanted to love this pilot, but I have a feeling a lot of people are going to suffer from "Arrested Development Syndrome" when watching this. This, of course, is when people compare any of Mitch Hurwitz's (spelling probably isn't right) shows against "Arrested Development," and it's been happening ever since the show was unfairly canceled several years ago. "Running Wilde," unfortunately, is not the second coming of Arrested Development and likely will never come close to it. Instead, it's a slightly interesting show with a lot of kinks to work out before it can be considered a great show.

    The show revolves around a rich man named Steven Wilde who cares only for material things. His high school sweetheart (played by Keri Russell) Emmy lives in a village with her daughter Puddle (who narrates the show) and her husband, played by David Cross. The premise of the show is that Emmy is supposed to help Wilde be a better person. Well, if there was a way to make the show a better show, than I'd be more impressed.

    The cast does its hardest to make the best of the script. Will Arnett is his usual self, using his gruff voice and deadpan humor to insert plenty of laughs into areas where there normally wouldn't be any. Keri Russell is charming and David Cross, in his few scenes, was impressive enough (he's in the show more, as far as I know, so it should be interesting). There were also some hilarious scenes. The one where Will Arnett plays the piano, sees Emmy coming into the house, gets up from the piano and the piano keeps playing. He quickly runs over to the piano and turns it off. There's also a scene later where Arnett introduces Emmy to a child psychologist who is actually his rich next door neighbor who likes to buy tiny horses. And any fan of Arrested Development will love the reference to Arnett's catch phrase (I've made a huge mistake...)

    All of that means nothing unless it adds up to a coherent and interesting premise, and "Running Wilde" lacks that. Despite the characters, the show just felt lackluster and all over the place, and coming from the man responsible for one of television's greatest shows, the show should've been a little better. However, Hurwitz reassure audiences that the scripts changed and that they tinkered with the show a bit to fix any mistakes they made. That means there's still a little hope for those of us wishing for a better show from him.
  • The funniest new episode I've seen in long, long time. Practically every line is a priceless quote.

    As a big fan of Arrested Development, I was really excited about Running Wilde. Although Will Arnett reprises his usual role of a rich, spoiled clueless simpleton, he makes it work. Running Wilde seems to be even more bizarre and out there than Arrested Development was, and I would expect nothing less from this show.

    Expect a lot of clever and unconventional humor. This show is definitely not for everyone. It requires a certain level of intellect and sophistication to understand and appreciate. Therefore it will never be a commercial success, just like Arrested Development never was. I just hope that Running Wilde will get a chance and that the show's producers won't try too hard to make it into something it will never be - successful and accessible. Because then it will just be another pointless sitcom.