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  • A Wilde Comedy

    From the creative team behind Arrested Development comes the exciting, cutting edge comedy Running Wilde. When environmental activist Emmy Kadubic goes to see her old boyfriend, rich playboy Steve Wilde, she decides to take him on as her new cause and accepts his invitation for her and her daughter to move in with him; thus a battle of wills ensues as Steve tries to corrupt Emmy with his extravagant lifestyle, and Emmy tries to get Steve to be more socially responsible. Starring Will Arnett, Keri Russell, and David Cross the show has a great cast that's able to bring the comedy. Additionally, the series uses a meta style format that sets up the daughter is an omniscient narrator, and includes clever Arrested Development homages and in-jokes. An entertaining and witty sitcom, Running Wilde delivers 13 hilarious episodes.
  • This show is totally...

    This show is totally hilarious!!! So this show is cancelled? What the heck? I think I am going to stop watching TV all together. It's like everything good get's cancelled and replaced with some lame detective/investigation show. Anyways, I have to come up with 100 words to review this show, but I don't know what to say now that the series is cancelled. I guess this show goes the way of "Arrested Development". I think channels like SyFy or FOX are going down because they can't stick or commit to anything if it isn't bringing enough money right away... patience please, or the next great work of art will be revoked as well!
  • I really tried to like it,

    but I couldn't. I've given this show a very long try, but after for episodes and a few minutes of the fifth the outcome is: I give up. First the minor thing: in the fifth episode Wilde gives Emmy a new car, a Volt, too bad in the episode before she already had it. It's a miracle! ( oh, wait! maybe they just change the airing order, but as I said, it was a minor thing).

    After a not so great premiere, there was a hint of hope brought by the second episode, which made me laugh a few times, but any expectations were crashed by the following episodes. the central premise of the show about the attempts of Emmy to change Wilde or the temptations of this Lyfestyle ( with the resistance to them being fueled by the desire to protect her daughter, a lines so overused that someone should start a drinking game) got simply annoying in time. A positive note are some of the supporting characters, like Miguel or the british butler. In the end: mildly funny.
  • Absurd, odd, silly. Clean but with a bit of edge. Wonderful character expandability for all. Give this one a chance!

    Both me and my husband loved it! laughed out loud and giggled all the way through! It is odd, silly and sharp. It has so many backhanded jokes you almost need to watch it twice to catch them all. I sincerely hope this one makes it. I need a show that makes me laugh right now, and this one made me laugh a Lot! Loved Fa'ad and his absurd tiny horses. $50 pop. And the bleeped word was priceless. Clean but with enough edge. Something that is hard to find. There is so much room for the characters to develop. The "nanny" and the hired staff, Migo. Don't overanalyze this show, just have fun watching the absurdity of it. The rest will come. Please watch and give this one a chance!
  • An awkward teen that will soon run wild!

    I've seen the first 4 episodes and the charm is there but you need to get around the awkward exterior. There are so many little castaway jokes in there but you really need to look for them. I hope the show finds its legs because there is a good premise there. Will Arnett is his typical self-effacing self and Peter Serafinowicz (Look Around You, Shaun of the Dead, The Peter Serafinowicz show) is his typical dry self.

    I'm really rooting for this one to make it past 6 episodes! (But I also think that Andy Barker PI is one of the greatest shows ever written so you get a feeling for my track record!)
  • very good but only if...

    i loved arrested development but the only thing that i hated about it is when they make fun of religon either jews or christians .

    they should respect peoples beliefs .

    so this show good only if they stay away from making fun of other ppl .

    will arnet is very good and akes me laugh even when he is not talking and that proves how great an actor he really is .

    i liked faad his arab neighbor ( i hope they dont make fun of islam too ) .

    and keri russel is brilliant where ever she goes .

    i really hope this show doesnt get cancelled .