Running Wilde

FX (ended 2011)


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  • Absurd, odd, silly. Clean but with a bit of edge. Wonderful character expandability for all. Give this one a chance!

    Both me and my husband loved it! laughed out loud and giggled all the way through! It is odd, silly and sharp. It has so many backhanded jokes you almost need to watch it twice to catch them all. I sincerely hope this one makes it. I need a show that makes me laugh right now, and this one made me laugh a Lot! Loved Fa'ad and his absurd tiny horses. $50 pop. And the bleeped word was priceless. Clean but with enough edge. Something that is hard to find. There is so much room for the characters to develop. The "nanny" and the hired staff, Migo. Don't overanalyze this show, just have fun watching the absurdity of it. The rest will come. Please watch and give this one a chance!