Run's House

Season 6 Episode 6

An Office He Can't Refuse

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 06, 2009 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • When Justine brings Diggy the germ-fighting products she doesn't give them to him directly, instead she makes them pass through JoJo's hands first. This doesn't seem like the best approach when you are dealing with a germaphobe, though she could've done it on purpose.

  • Quotes

    • Justine: Dig, this is hair. You have hair on your head.
      Russy: That's mommy's hair.
      JoJo: I mean, technically... (laughs)
      Justine: What?
      JoJo: Nothing.
      Justine: You better not say stuff behind my back.
      (Justine leaves the room.)
      JoJo: I mean, technically that's not really hair. It comes in a bag, so this is not really hair growing from her head.

    • Rev Run: I'm going to the office.
      Justine: Joey, I think it sounds good to you. Say it again.
      Rev Run: I'm going to the office.
      Justine: I felt like you felt good saying that.
      Rev Run: I did.
      Justine: Now, do you want a lunchbox or a bag?

    • Rev Run: You know, I have like a little deadline going on and I'm not the deadline type of dude.
      Justine: Everybody gets a deadline, babe.
      Rev Run: All right, I'll take a deadline, and we'll see how dead that lines goes.

    • JoJo: Wash Your Hands. Wash Your Butt. I'm about to make a book like that.

    • Russy: Daniel, what are you doing?
      Diggy: I need a toothbrush to brush my teeth.
      Russy: That's yours. (points to a toothbrush sitting on the toothbrush holder)
      Diggy: No it's not.
      Russy: Yes it is. You used that yesterday.
      Diggy: That's right. Yesterday's germs are not today's germs.
      Russy: Nobody used that but you!
      Diggy: Who cares? I use a new toothbrush everyday.

    • Rev Run: You have a girl coming from Italy?
      Russell: She's coming to work but she's staying with me. Come here, look. Look at this.
      (Run goes to the computer and there's a picture of a topless girl.)
      Rev Run: What would I see a naked picture of a girl for, Russell?
      Russell: She's not naked.
      Navarrow: No, that's naked.
      Russell: She has her bottom on. Come here, look.
      Rev Run: This is why I need my own office.

    • JoJo: I remember one time I used some soap and he didn't want to use it after me.
      Justine: I know. You know how many bars of soap he'll use in a lifetime?
      JoJo: What you can do is an endorsement with soap, and he'll be good.
      Justine: That's fine but guess what? Right now we're paying.

    • Russy: He has dirty socks and he's worried about germs.
      Diggy: I have a headache now.
      Rev Run: I'm sorry. We'll get you some germ-free aspirin.

  • Notes

    • This episode aired at a time when the world was dealing with an outbreak of the swine flu caused by the H1N1 virus.

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