Run's House

Season 6 Episode 4

Blog Wild

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2009 on MTV - Music Television



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    • Rev Run: Did you change your hair?
      Justine: Why, you don't like my hair like this?
      Rev Run: It's very nice.
      Justine: 'Cause I could change it.
      Rev Run: I never saw it like that before.
      Justine: You want me to make it back long? 'Cause I could reach right up in here; I got something. (reaches for her night stand and laughs)
      Rev Run: I'm going to bed.
      Justine: This is the type of woman you have. I'm interchangeable.

    • Rev Run: So, I hooked JoJo up totally. It was like a Master Card commercial, like: Getting your son's car out of the shop... Priceless.
      Justine: That's good.
      Rev Run: That didn't make sense! It wasn't priceless, it was price-full.

    • Rev Run: So, I hooked you up... (hands JoJo his car keys)
      JoJo: Word! I haven't seen those in a minute!
      Rev Run: ... because you've been working so hard with Diggy.
      JoJo: Straight thank you. I appreciate that.
      Rev Run: So, where's the whole jump up, run out, get in the car, go pick up your homies and fly out of here?
      Diggy: He came to finish the job.
      JoJo: I just got to finish this. I will jump up eventually.
      (Run looks confused.)
      JoJo: It's OK, go take a bath or something. I know you are confused.

    • JoJo: I want to make your blog look hot, man.
      Diggy: (with sarcasm) Sure you do.
      JoJo: Anything you want to tell your fans? Any albums you have coming out? Kanye East.

    • Rev Run: Just answer one question. Do you wear that chain everywhere you go?
      JoJo: It's who I am. JoJo. If you don't know my name just look at the chain.

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