Run's House

Season 5 Episode 2

Boneless Chicken Dinner

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

This episode starts out with Rev Run on tour with Kid Rock. They talk about after show antics. We see a clip of Rev Run and Kid Rock in concert at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. After the concert Rev talks about missing the family and needing to get home. He then says goodbye to the tour.

Meanwhile, at home, Russy is getting into cooking. He plans a welcome home dinner for Rev, complete with a menu for the first week home. Menu list: Pizza, Ham & Cheese Burgers, Sugar Cookies, Mac & cheese, Breakfast Burrito, Lasaghna. After creating several meals of mostly heavy fair, Justine suggests to Russy that he think about serving some healthier foods. Russy thinks about it and decides that is a great idea. Healthy fair it is, veggie burgers and fruit!

Rev comes home. He reveals that he has committed to a new album with a European record label, Crazed Productions. They are coming in the next day to see what he's done so far and he hasn't done anything yet. What will the name be? What kind of sound does he want? At the meeting with the label he reveals the name of the new album. While looking at an egg on the counter he comes up with the name 'Boneless Chicken Dinner'. Is this really a spur of the moment inspiration? Rev commits to delivering the album in 2 months. Rev works with JoJo in the studio on the new album. They look for beats to start creating rhymes.

Angela and Vanessa are in Los Angeles shopping for dog accessories. They bicker over who saw a pink dog carrier first. They are preparing for a trip back to New York for some business meetings. When the girls get to New York, they go straight to a Pastry meeting with Rasheed of Run Athletics. Rasheed lets them know that they will be needed for meetings all week. Vanessa says she needs to get back to L.A. for a film. Angela and Vanessa exchange words about splitting up some of the Pastry duties to accommodate their different schedules. Vanessa has a heart to heart talk with Justine about wanting to break away from Angela a bit and be an individual. She goes on a shopping spree with her stylist as an attempt at that individuality. The girls really start talking/fighting when Vanessa comes home with her purchases and reveals that she purposely went on her own. Rev comes in to mediate and calm the situation. The girls actually talk it out and decide to divide up some of the Pastry responsibilities to give each of them some space.

Rev's Signoff:

Good morning. Do you have a role model? It's ok to look up to someone you admire, just don't forget to look at yourself. Appreciate the qualities that make you special and own them. Remember, don't try and be something you're not. Just do you. God is Love, Rev Run.