Run's House

Season 6 Episode 1

Hawaiian Vacation

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 15, 2009 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • When JoJo brings in Kawai (pronounced Kah-vy) to meet Jessica and asks his sisters to leave so Jessica has some alone time with the guy, Angela mispronounces the guy's name as 'Koo-vay'.

  • Quotes

    • JoJo: Oh, I got you something from Hawaii.
      Russell: Nuts? These nuts? Is it a joke?
      JoJo: My parents got 'em for you. I got you this. (gives Russell a hula girl bobblehead doll) Nuts and a woman.
      Russell: I'm single...
      JoJo: I know. They go together.

    • Rev Run: She says she doesn't need no assistance to get a boyfriend.
      Diggy: London Louie?
      Jessica: London Louie.
      Rev Run: Things don't just happen Jessica. You gotta set this stuff up, see? Let me show you how's done. Mommy's walking around with Miley. I'm-a text her: 'Hey ma, How's Miley? A date later?' Smile with a nose.
      Diggy: (yelling) LA-LA-LA-LA-LA....
      Russy: What are you doing?
      Diggy: I don't wanna hear it! I don't wanna hear it!

    • Rev Run: So what do you think the shark tooth is going to do for you, Russ?
      Russy: Protect me. That's what the heaven said.
      Rev Run: Kalani said that? Let me tell you something: When it comes to surfing, you are good at it. You are really good at it, and the shark tooth did not protect you. The courage inside of you comes from God. You can never lose God and he can never get missing, 'cause where is he?
      (Russy points towards both him and his father.)
      Rev Run: Inside of you. So when you get out there and you start feeling scared just look at me, remember what I said and if you feel good, just do me one favor: Say "Dad, you was right. I'm not afraid, I don't need that shark tooth".

    • (Talking to a guy about the parrot he's holding...)
      JoJo: Is it a boy or a girl?
      Jezrael: It's a boy.
      JoJo: (to Jessica) If a human doesn't work out...
      Jessica: I could always stick with the birds like you, right? Oh, yeah!
      Jezrael: (to the parrot) You want a cracker?
      Jessica: Aloha... Mahalo... Anything?
      JoJo: You can't get no attention from no boys!
      Jessica: (slaps JoJo) Jerk! At least he's employed.

    • Justine: Russy said he wants to live here now.
      Rev Run: Russy wants to live anywhere except in school.

    • Rev Run: So, the balance has to be: spend some time with me, spend some time with Miley.
      Justine: Why you keep saying Miley? Why don't you just say, the kids?
      Rev Run: Because, Miley was sleeping with us in the room last night and I mean, that wouldn't let me do what I could with her there but... Something could've happened, if Miley wasn't there. I'm not saying that would've happened if Miley wasn't there but it was definitely not gonna...
      (Justine turns her back on Run.)
      Rev Run: Forget it. Come back, I'm sorry. It's not about...
      Justine: Yes it is.
      Rev Run: It's not about the sex.
      Justine: Yes it is.
      Rev Run: But anyway, come give me a hug, babe. It's not about the sex now, there's too many people out here... Tonight's a different story.

    • Rev Run: You noticed we're dressed exactly alike, right?
      Russy: Yup.
      Rev Run: Did you know that when we walked out the room that you had the same thing on as me?
      Russy: Yeah, except I'm wearing a shirt.
      Rev Run: Well, you know I'm too sexy for my shirt.
      Russy: So sexy it hurts.

    • Chas: Hi Girls.
      Justine: Hi. How are you?
      Chas: Aloha.
      Justine: This is Jessica.
      Chas: Hi Jessica.
      Jessica: Aloha.
      Chas: Hi, I'm Chas. Hello.
      Justine: And she's looking for a man.

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