Run's House

Season 3 Episode 6

Home Alone

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 14, 2007 on MTV - Music Television

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  • This is my favorite episode so far. Justine was great in her book reading and JoJo proved he can be responsible...

    I really like this episode, although I can't give it a perfect score.

    Justine needed a night to relax before she could do her book reading at the New York Public Library. Her separation anxiety made me wonder how much she could relax before the big day but she did great at the reading. The title of the book "God, Can You Hear Me?" invited me to read the book, even though it's obviously targeted at children.

    Run was funny at Central Park, and when the girls wanted Trump food and he gave them an apple from the hotel.

    The boys were great. JoJo was really up to the challenge. I wouldn't eat those homemade cookies though, but at least they didn't burn the kitchen down. Russy missed his mom, but he's so young that it's understandable.

    The only thing I didn't like was Vanessa and Angela's careless attitude towards money. C'mon, they aren't little girls anymore, so they should've known money doesn't grow on trees and that credit cards, let alone debit cards, don't have unlimited balance.

    I've watched all of the first three seasons, all of the newer episodes of season 5 so far, and most of season 4. This episode is my favorite of the entire series so far.
  • this was the funniest one ever.i liked it when russy called justine and was like i miss you. but then jojo yells at him and has him to call run. then next day both russy and diggy were wearing yellow. camp jojo.

    this was the funniest one ever. i like it when jojo and diggy and russy were playing baseball and russy called jojo captain poop head.then russy starts saying i miss mommy. ans they were making fun of him. poor russy. when angela and vanessa went shopping but they went over the aomunt of money that was on the card. so they call justine about it. then they go to the hotel were run and justine were staying to talk to run about the card. run didnt tell justine that the girls were there. then justine had a booksigning. she looked so pretty and it.then jojo and russy and diggy WERE trying to make something. they were both wereing jojo.then russy screams like a little girl.
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