Run's House

Season 5 Episode 3

Pass the Fame

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2008 on MTV - Music Television



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    • Rev Run: Diggy's letter was good because he was asking God for guidance and strength, on how he can get to a goal. He wasn't saying 'Make me an actor.' Are you listenning?
      Russy: Yeah.
      Rev Run: All right. Now bring this to an end. Diggy, put your letters where people can't find them, and Russy, remember his name isn't Jimmy, so it's not all about gimme, gimme, gimme.

    • Justine: You are doing your prayer note?
      Russy: Do you want to see it?
      Justine: Yeah.
      (Justine reads Russy's note.)
      Justine: Mini-fridge, skateboard, a horse... A real horse?
      (Russy nods.)
      Justine: A guitar and a stethoscope? Is this a letter to Santa, or a prayer note?

    • JoJo: I know that we are trying to get promotion for ourselves so, you know, I asked Angela if we can get on Word Up. Hot idea, right?
      Reggie: Yeah, it's a nice idea.
      JoJo: You look happy about it.
      Reggie: Yeah, I love it.
      JoJo: You want to know her answer? Get out of here.
      Reggie: I do not like the answer!
      JoJo: And I only ask once. I don't keep asking you. I don't like begging people.
      Reggie: No, come on.
      Zach: The only thing I beg for is lovin'!

    • Rev Run: Did you say you caught the dog with the baby's pacifier? Did you throw that pacifier out?
      Justine: Yeah, but it was scary. He had it the right way.

    • While bringing in the new bed for Pal...
      Rev Run: I don't think it will help Pal.
      Justine: It'll help with his self-esteem, like: "These people love me."
      Rev Run: Dog self-esteem?
      Justine: This will make him think: "My bed is better than their bed."
      Rev Run: I need that, yeah. I need a dog with arrogance.

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