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  • Its pretty good. It shows how his kids respect him and their stepmother. It's very rare you see kids calling their step-parents by mom or dad, so it's good to see that. Also its good to see Rev Run doing his thing again, after his friend passed away in 20

    This show is all over good. All of his kids look just like him. You hardly see that any more, and the show is just good. It's good to see a black family getting along (Im black don't be offended, by that) but overall the show is a good one.
  • I think the show is very educative and funny it show you how being committed to your family with a lot of love at the same time teach them how to concisely walk the road of life.Run you are great.

    I think the show is very educative and funny it show you how being committed to your family with a lot of love at the same time teach them how to concisely walk the road of life.Run you have been a great entertainer for years and still giving the best in another form, i came from africa and we have something that any time i watch your show it take me right back home of how our family stick together no matter what when one travel you could feel how every one in the family misses him even the smallest in the family thats what i observered in your show plus the displine except uncle russel but i know where he is coming from he is a cool guy i meet him at 125 harlem , run tell uncle russel to cut the foul words in front of those respectfull kids.just kidding
  • This is actually one of my favorite shows on MTV.

    And as the reviewer said below me it also reminds me of the Cosby show goes hip-hop. The show follows Run and his family. (Run is a former member of Run-DMC) Justine is a bit whinny but she is also kind of funny. The kids are usually bickering. I'm glad the Simmons family got another season on MTV. This family is really like a many other families just with out the clothing lines, shoe lines and other things. The show always ends with Rev Run in a bathtub with bubbles and writing a few words of wisdom in it. Run's House is an awesome show 10.

    This Show Is Absolutely Amazing! When I Watch it, I feel as though I am right there in RUN'S HOUSE, being a part of the family. Watching Rev. Run makes me regret not having a father in my life. The way he loves his children is priceless. He'd rather be with his children in all things. He guides them, rears them and at the same time, He always incorporates his wife into the decision making. Their communication is impecable.
  • This show shows how real famous families can really be!!!!!!!!!

    RUN'S HOUSE is a very family friendly show. He has his hands full with five kids. He has raised his kids thankfully. They do not act spoiled or better than evryone else. The episode "ANGELA'S GRADUATION" was a very funny show. She is my favorite character beause she is very smart. Run is one of the most intelligent people. He knows how to treat his kids and wife. His sons are crazy! Jo-Jo does not get along with his sisters at all. I think the girls stick with each other and the boys the same. RUN'S HOUSE is a show for everyone! If you dont believe me check it out for yourself on MTV on Thursdays at 10:30p.m.!
  • I like this show, however, I feel as a Reverend, this household really doesn't reflect anything about GOD. And what I mean by that is, you can still have your fun, but I don't NEVER see the children reading a bible.

    This show is NOT displaying a realistic image to the Black population. It is bascially a black family that is interested in showing the world "How I'm Living". The episode where Diggy was always late to church and the only way for him to be on time was for him to get new suits. OK, what about the suits he had in his closet?? Then his mother and father takes him to buy a $4,000 suit. Are you crazy?? Are we losing the reason why we go to church? Is it for a $4,000 suit or is it for GOD. Secondly, when Justine wanted to open a line of jewels to be sold on QVC, this is great, however, being that you do have all of this money to flaunt, what about showing an episode where you give back to the community. The cosby's NEVER potrayed an image of wealth and flaunting their wealth and that's why it was a number one show. You are going to lose a lot of viewers because this show is headed in the wrong direction
  • Best family reality show.

    I love this show so much. I know that there's anlot of famous celebrities out here with thier own reality show(ie. Keep up with the Kardasians) but this one is the best. It showcases not only Rev Run but his whole entire family. From the beggining to when Angela was just in high school to right now with Vanessa and Angela with thier own sneaker line "Pastry Kicks". This realilty show goes beyond just what you see it's a story. Each person has thier own say in the show for Rev Run to Russy. From Vanessa to Jojo. That's one of the many things I like about the show. It has it's funny momments)When Run dressed up in a gorilla suit) and the sad momments(when Justine lost her baby). So this show will always remain a classic.
  • run's house; i love it(:

    run's house is the perfect example of a great family. rev., justine, angela, vanessa, jojo, diggy, russy, miley & even pal. lmao...i love them all. they show their love for one another so effortlessly. their relationship with God is so close, and alothough they're rich kids, they don't let money get to them (: which is amazing. they're also a strong family; like when they lost victoria, they did mourn, but they never wanted sympathy. even though rev. is famous & on tour alot, his & justine's marriage never fails, which is true love. i think they're the perfect all americannn, GREAT family. i hope this show NEVER gets canceled, because i always look forward to watching it. i love the simmons; always & foreverrrr.
  • Keep up the great work and never let your seasons end. I am very sorry of your lost. However, the blessing is you all have each other. God Bless You!

    My children am me absolutely love to watch Run's House! I find it to influential (in a good way). I grew up on RUN DMC's music and they are one of my favorites. I even purchased a movie they were on called Crush Groove. I especially, love when REV RUN tries to interact with his teenage son because it gives me insight with my own teenage son. I find it funny as well in the sense that I too tend to do some of the things I see him doing and my son reacts just like JOJO! Thanks REV RUN and Family. I hope someday I could actually meet you all in person!
  • I love this show!!!! Its very positive and uplifting! They show you that they go through trials and tribulations just like everyone else. I love the fact that they keep things in perspective and remain positive.

    I love the people and the show!!! Its a really good positive show and I look forward to seeing the new episodes! It's good to see an African-American show in a very positive light because they do exist! Thank you for a job well done! Great job to the family and the writers/ producers/etc.
  • This is a good show that provs that celeberties lives are not perfect...yet they somehow manage to have a smile on their faces at the end of the day.

    When this show firt aired, I figured "ok this is just going to be another scripted show about how perfect their lives are." However, my opinion qucikly chnaged once i sat down and watched this show. Celeberties lives are not perfect, and i learned this when watching this show. This family hit roadblocks, and i thoght they delt with them beautifully. This family is very strong. I also love this humor in this show. Rev run always cracks jokes on this show, and it really makes me smile. I was watching MTV today, and I saw that on the Season Premire of "Run's House" Justine and Rev Run ,ost their baby girl. My heart goes out to the family, i know they can pull through this. No familt should ever have to suffer the loss of a baby. I hope that they try for another baby, and get a girl. I love this show and I hope that it ontinues to run!!
  • This show is great because it shows that the best way to make it in life is to be sure that God is the head of your life and you go to God before you make decissions. It also shows that it is ok to serve God and live a Full Life according to God's Word!

    Continue to let God lead you by showing other male men what is is to truely be lead by God! Continue to keep it Real! I, think that it is great the way you take time to work out the problems that you have and the way you do it in a positive way. The way you're teaching your kids that even though I have money , we still have to be real and the kids have to work for what they want and it is not just given to them. May God Bless and keep you and your Family!
  • Run's House is a Great Reality Show.

    This show is one of the best shows on MTV. I enjoy watching Run's House very much. Run and Justine keep the family and house in check but still have a lot of fun with Diggy, JoJo, Russell, Vanessa, and Angela. This show is a great reality show to watch. I like Run's House and they need to bring it back real soon on tv for the next season.
  • awesome tevo episode 1: how did i get here

    Run\'s House is about former Run-DMC member turned reverend, Rev Run. Living in his mansion with his lovely wife Justine, hist two daughters Vanessa and Angela, then there are his three sons JoJo, Diggy, and Russy. Going through all the fun and hard times a family goes through. This is not your average house. It\'s Run\'s House. when i went in the tower the ninjas attacked but as i ran i tripped on a half eaten donut who would not eat a donut until i found out that it was my arch nemisis clevo the jet plane wonder he attacked me with a clamo beam to be continue
  • Run is Really funny man I love this show. Russel junior is so cute. And JoJo well he's funny too just like his daddy. And his daughter is a model I really like that.

    I saw the episode when they we're visiting Colorado.
    That show was so much fun and I loved it when Run was keep singing :The left the left the left the left.
    And JoJo was so embarrassed that he just walked out of the restaurant.
    And Run’s daughter had a model shout.
    But I didn’t liked the clothes.
    And the fire was turning off every time.
    I don't have anything more to say.
  • Great show. This show is a great and one of a kind show on its own part. This shows the whole family and their daily lives and not so normal lives. Everyone in the family brings their own actions and have their own jobs and careers and its just great!

    Awesome show! I love this show and I cant get enough of it. All the family members are once of a kind in the world. Rev Run is a great father and is a great person who turned his life around after being a rapper and producer for years and his back bigger than ever with his whole family. The family have their own jobs and careers and Runs House really shows them how they work and get through life. The show is great and it shows the inside life of one of the rap worlds biggest rappers of all time.
  • this show is about one of the legendary brothers from the rap group run dmc which also follows the lives of his lovely wife and children

    Run's house is one of my all time favorite shows. i have seen pretty much every episdoe so far. I think rev run is one of the best legendary rappers. i have his song run's house downloaded on my ipod. i hope they decided to do another couple of seasons and they should sense it is one of the most popular shows on tv these days. And i have a feeling his soon Jo Jo will be just as popular as his father is. I wish diggy good luck with his clothing line as well. This show teachs u what family should be about
  • Great show!

    I love this family and interesting renovations. Thank you for a quality show that's about reno. and not home buying (tired of all these).
  • Run's House is one of the best things about Monday! It's absolutely fantastic!

    Run's House is definetly one of the best reality shows out right now. I can honestly say that the show makes Mondays a lot easier to get through, and they make Mondays a lot better. I love this show because of how funny it is. I find that this show teaches every one a few life lessons as well. My favorite character is probably Russy because of how cute and funny he is. He reminds me of myself when I was a lot younger because I played video games, made immature jokes, and acted like 3 year old exactly like he does.

    I recommend this show to anyone who likes reality shows and comedy shows. This show is brilliantly funny.

    Thumbs up to MTV.
  • Third season will be the best!!

    Rev Run and his family lost their daughther last year and we saw the episode of when it happened. It was a really great episode and I hope they win an Emmy for this episode. Or at least for the whole show. After all that the Simmons family has been through in the last year I cannot wait to see it all come on tape. This show has literally changed my life and the millions of people that love the show. We all have loved Run DMC and to see Run is a loving happy family man, it's a great feeling. It's also great to see Run giving advice to everyone in the house. Maybe he can give some to his brother so he won't curse so much. WHOSE HOUSE?????

    RUN'S HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The best FAMILY reality series SINCE The Osbournes!!!

    I'm a huge fan of Run DMC!!!! Reverend Run is the BEST example of a family man. I am soo glad he has a reality show and his kids are soo cool. The show is The Osbournes without the offensive language and it also has family values. There is always a lesson in this show. The best part is me seeing the loving relationship that Run has with his wife. She sticks by him and they love each other soo much. I don't see that a lot in many couples. But you seem to it more with big families like that. Run is also a great dad. He's a lot like mine. He always listens to me and is a basketball fan too. I think Run could take him though. Oh well. The show is fabulous and I know it will last a long time. Whose house?

    RUN"S HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is the family of Rev. Run's; a hip-hop star. His last name happens to be a famous name in the entertainment industry.

    This show is really nice. This show is about Rev. Run and his family living their everyday life, but just with cameras with them 24/7. Run's House is a very funny show and it makes me laugh everyrime I watch an episode. Soneone said in an earlier review that Run's House is like the Cosby Show gone hip-hop and that pretty much describes it. I wish more people watched this show because its the most genuine show they have on MTV right now. It's very diffrent from the usual dirty shows that they have on MTV. Run's House is a great show for the whole family.
  • Cosby show goes hip-hop

    This show is what reality t.v. is about. This show reminds me of the Cosby show with a hip hop twist. The thing I dig is how Run is so into all of his family. Justine whines alot but she does love his kids from another woman and I respect that. The older children are great role models for youth today. They have morals, values, and spirituality. The Simmons are a great family.
    On a sad note when the family suffered the loss of thir baby sister who did not live long enough to take a break they stood together and never lost their faith. Oh they hurt but they survived. Wonderful family. The last two need a little more discipline. But overall remember every family has one or two who step out of line.
    I hope the show is coming back on.
  • Pretty good.

    Run's House is a pretty good show. It's pretty much how the family of Reverend Run is on a daily basis. They deal with regualykid, teen, adult, concepts. The only difference is that they are a very wealthy family. Not all familys are wealthy, a lot are just average, so some of the issues can be a bit different. This isn't just another day in the life of the family of (insert celebrity name) show. This is sorta different. These parents do have discipline. They are sorta like a regular family, except for the nice house, the nice cars, and the big rooms. Run's House is a nice show.
  • I really do like Run's House. It is one of the good reality shows. It actually has black people on it and it is a hit amagine that. No, I am just playing, but I love it.

    Where has Reverend Run been? He's had his hands full with his lovely wife and three sons who want to be the next Bow Wow, John Singleton and Michael Jordan. Add to that a daughter who thinks the Simmons name is a ticket to a life of luxury and another daughter who just got signed as a Ford model, and you've got a full house. When Rev. Run's not keeping the peace at home, he's busy keeping the faith in church...oh, and making a comeback album! Roll with Rev Run and fam in this reality sitcom. Who's house? Run's house!

  • This show is hilarious!

    I love this show because the most unexpected things happen that are so extremely funny! Everytime I watch this show I can't help but laugh out loud and I just love it! I also really like the cute little quotes throughout the show such as "Keep it funky" and "you're buggin' right now!" I can't wait for the new episode this Thursday and I hope that this is a show that they will keep around on MTV for seasons to come. I know I will be there to watch every second of it and you should be there too! YEAYUH!
  • summary of Runs' house

    Run's House is an MTV reality series. It shows the family of rapper and hip-hop music pioneer Joseph Simmons a.k.a. "Reverend Run".
    The theme song and show name are from the name of a song from the Run-D.M.C. album Tougher Than Leather. The reality show is executive produced by Sean "Diddy" Combs, Russell Simmons, Stan Lathan, Jason A. Carbone, Tony DiSanto, Mike Powers, and Elizabeth Gateley. It is filmed at Run's house in Saddle River, New Jersey, and occasionally in Manhattan where the Simmons offices are.
    The 2nd season of this show began airing June 15, 2006. In March 2007, the show began in reruns on BET.
    The 3rd season of the show began on April 9, 2007 on MTV.
    • Reverend Run: Father, Phat Farm executive, Minister and one-third of hip-hop group Run D.M.C. (born 14 Nov. 1964) • Justine: Mother and Run's wife. Justine and Joseph married on 25 June 1994. She is the mother to Diggy and Russy, and step-mother to Vanessa, Angela, and Jojo. She is creating a jewelry line entitled "Brown Sugar" by Evelyn Simmons, named for her mother-in-law. (born 1965; 41 years old) • Vanessa Simmons: The oldest daughter and oldest child. She is an aspiring actress and Ford Model. She was #82 in Maxim's of the "Hot 100" people in 2006. In March 2007 she was featured in a national Verizon commercial [1]. On March 23,2007 she launched Pastry Footwear with Angela under their families Run Athletics shoewear. The first shoes are the Cake Collection inspired by their favorite pastries.[2]. She will graduate from St. John's University in Dec. '07 with a degree in Communications [3]. (born 1984[citation needed]) • Angela Simmons: Second daughter and second oldest. She graduated from the Fashion High School of N.Y.C. in the premiere episode. She is attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is executive editor of Word Up! magazine's subsidiary publication Angela's Rundown. Angela's Rundown is a monthly magazine targeting youths age 14-18 and cover teen issues, style, music, and fashion while offering fashion tips and in-depth celebrity interviews. [4] She was featured in Bow Wow's video "Shortie Like Mine". On March 23,2007 she [1] launched Pastry Footwear with Vanessa under their families Run Athletics shoewear. The first shoes are the Cake Collection inspired by their favorite pastries [5]. (born 1987[citation needed]) • Joseph "Jojo" Simmons, Jr.: The oldest son. He wants to become a rapper and producer. (born 1990[citation needed]) • Daniel "Diggy" Simmons: He loves basketball and rapping. He is currently in the 6th grade,. (born 1995/5[citation needed]) • Russell "Russy" Simmons II: The youngest child. He enjoys playing video games. He had some anger management issues surrounding his inability to win games played on his Game Boy. (born 1997[citation needed]) • Victoria Anne Simmons: Victoria was born on Sept 26, 2006. Victoria was four pounds, five ounces when she was delivered via C-section [6]. She died shortly after being born reportedy due to omphalocele, a birth defect that caused her organs to grow outside her body. 01. The Graduate
    02. The Bird's and the Bee's
    03. The Chicks Fly the Coop
    04. Go for the Gold
    05. Justine Diets & Angela Interns
    06. Run's Family Vacation
    Season 2
    01. Baby Fever
    02. A Healthy Heart
    03. All Work and No Peace
    04. Maximum Growth
    05. Two Down and One to Grow
    06. Anger Management
    07. Downward Facing Dawg
    08. Vegas Vacation
    09. Rev's Fix It List
    10. Rev Mom 11. Baby Back
    Season 3
    01. Give Me Strength
    02. Hangin' with Run
    03. Weight a Minute
    04. Sneaker Pimps & Mini Moguls
    05. To Catch a Thief
    06. Home Alone
    07. Rev's Birthday Suit
    08. Family Albums
    09. Times Are Changin'
  • Entertaining reality show with humor and love in the mix.....

    Having seen quite a few reality shows, i.e Newlyweds, Making the band, The Osbournes, etc etc, I find Runs House madly entertaining!

    The family consists of 5 energetic kids who each have their own style and character.
    Run’s family is very strong and a credit to him and Justine. I like the way that the Reverend and his wife Justine, show love and respect for one another and appear to be very fair and supportive of the kids. Considering that Jo-Jo, Vanessa and Angela are Justine’s step-children she treats them as her very own and they show her respect as if she were their own mother. It’s not easy being part of a step- family but they make it look so easy- which I admire.

    I also like the fact that at the end of the show, Run offers inspiring words of wisdom which we can all learn from- in order to make life better.

    All in all a good show with good family values!
  • Run's house, a pretty good family show.

    Run's house lets cameras into the lives of Rev Run and his family. Though the show does not seem like much, I find the storylines really funny. It is a good family show, filled with laughter, remedies, and lessons. The show lets people see the obstacles and triumphs the family face - together. The family often shares laughter and joy, but sadness and tears as well. The show is not top-notch but this does not prevent it from teaching the families of America lessons about life and appreciating each other every day. I recommend this show to both families with toddlers and families with grown children.
  • Whose House?????????????????????????????????????????????

    Run's House! A hip-hop version of the Cosby's. That's the only descritpion I can say about Rev Run and family. I really like seeing the closeness as well as the jokes the family plays on one another. A lot of TV reality shows featuring families seem kind of staged. But the Simmons' family always seem to 'keep it real'. The oldest girls, Vanessa and Angela-seem like the typical(in a good way) young New York women. It's refreshing that they are as wholesome and willing to work (more so than other New York socialites). Diggy and Russel offer a lot of the comic relief. And Justine seems like the laid back, nurturing-type of mother most kids dream of. And of course, Papa Run is always in control and has a few wise words for all of them. Cool show that you don't have to worry about the whole family watching.
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