Run's House

Monday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Oct 13, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Entertaining reality show with humor and love in the mix.....

    Having seen quite a few reality shows, i.e Newlyweds, Making the band, The Osbournes, etc etc, I find Runs House madly entertaining!

    The family consists of 5 energetic kids who each have their own style and character.
    Run’s family is very strong and a credit to him and Justine. I like the way that the Reverend and his wife Justine, show love and respect for one another and appear to be very fair and supportive of the kids. Considering that Jo-Jo, Vanessa and Angela are Justine’s step-children she treats them as her very own and they show her respect as if she were their own mother. It’s not easy being part of a step- family but they make it look so easy- which I admire.

    I also like the fact that at the end of the show, Run offers inspiring words of wisdom which we can all learn from- in order to make life better.

    All in all a good show with good family values!
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