Run's House - Season 1

Monday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Oct 13, 2005 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 11/17/05
    Vanessa gets a call to do a photo shoot in Colorado and the whole family goes with her, turning the trip into their family vacation. Together they experience adventures like fly fishing and white-water rafting. The episode ends with a family dinner in which everyone recalls the highlights of their summer.moreless
  • 11/17/05
    When Vanessa gets a call from her Ford modeling agent to do a fashion shoot in Colorado, Run decides that bringing the family along for a summer vacation would be the perfect adventure to share before school starts.
  • 11/10/05
    After overindulging, Justine decides to go on a diet. Determined to make it work, she enlists the help of a personal trainer. At the same time, JoJo is expecting his report card from summer school any day now, and his immediate future lies in the balance. Angela starts an internship at Baby Phat under the watchful eye of her inimitable Aunt, Kimora Lee Simmons.moreless
  • 11/3/05
    While bowling, Russy throws a display of poor sportsmanship so Run organizes the Simmons' Family Olympics to teach Russy how to be a good sport. As the various events take place, the entire family becomes aware of how competitive they are against each other.
  • 10/27/05
    Run wants to get rid of all the junk and clutter in the pool house, and he gets in the proverbial husband-wife argument with Justine, where he wants to get rid of stuff Justine wants to keep. Vanessa and Angela contemplate moving out to an apartment in Manhattan.
  • 10/27/05
    Run invites an emerging hip-hop band, Union Turnpike, to the house to strategize their pitch to Russell Simmons' new music label.
  • 10/20/05
    Run's blood boils upon finding that his backyard pool house has become filled with family junk. He vows to clean it out, which unleashes conflict with every family member who wants to hang onto some possession.
  • 10/20/05
    Faced with a home full of testosterone, Justine asks her husband to give Diggy and Russell a talk on the "birds and bees."
  • The Graduate
    Episode 1
    Run decides to throw a high-school graduation party for his daughter Angela. But the two disagree on what type of party it should be.