Run's House

Season 5 Episode 9

That Guy

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2008 on MTV - Music Television



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    • Terry: If this is such a girl's night, why am I even here?
      Vanessa: You would be invited if this was like a...
      Aliceia: A party.
      Terry: I feel like a reacher now.
      Jessica: I'm not saying anything.
      Angela: He's not the reacher! Put it on me, I'll take it.

    • Russell: Oh my God, Joe, look at this!
      Rev Run: What is this?
      Russell: We went to Farm Sanctuary last night. Look at... Porschla's boobs!
      Rev Run: Russell, come on!
      Russell: It's God, it's all God's. I want you to just take a peek.
      Rev Run: Very nice picture of your girlfriend's chest.
      Russell: No, it's her face. There's her face, look, she's smiling.

    • JoJo: What are you doing?
      Rev Run: Trying to find some memorabilia to give to the auction.
      JoJo: Your plaques?!
      Rev Run: Listen, I don't want to beg my rich friends...
      JoJo: I'd rather you do that than give away your memorabilia, the stuff that made you, that built this house.
      Rev Run: So you wanna go around, begging people for money?
      JoJo: Tell them it's for charity!

    • Justine: Joe, what are you doing?
      Rev Run: You see this thing right here?
      Justine: What?
      Rev Run: After all the money I spent on it, it stopped working. (points towards the broken pool-cleaning machine)
      Justine: Oh my God! You pay more attention to that dag-gone Phantom than the dag-gone dog!
      Rev Run: That picks out stuff, that lets out stuff. (points to where the dog is) He's the pooper, that's the scooper.

    • (Talking about Angela)
      Rev Run: I don't think I've ever heard her say the words "boy" and "friend" unless it was like "Now that boy, he ain't got no friends."

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