Run's House

Season 4 Episode 7

Who's Your Daddy?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2007 on MTV - Music Television



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    • (talking about Juicy)
      Russy: It's just weird.
      JoJo: What's weird?
      Russy: Like how she gets pregnant and that stuff.
      JoJo: There comes a time in a dog's life, where it finds another mate...
      Russy: OK JoJo stop; that's nasty.

    • JoJo: I've never seen somebody your age with a robe on. Although I did see somebody with a Bluetooth in his ear and he was like, your age.
      Russy: (pointing to his teeth) A blue tooth?
      JoJo: No. Not a blue tooth, a Bluetooth.

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