RuPaul's Drag Race

Season 3 Episode 3

Queens In Space

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2011 on LOGO



  • Trivia

    • This week's mini-challenge was for the queens to pair off and test their ESP abilities, guessing drag accessories the other is wearing without being able to see them. Mariah and Phoenix won and got to be captains for the movie they had to create for the main challenge.

    • Phoenix's good-bye mirror message:
      "Be You, B*tches (Boots) Loves, Phoenix"

    • Bottom two:
      Phoenix and Delta Work. Phoenix is sent home.

  • Quotes

    • Delta: I didn't think that Phoenix was threatened by her, Phoenix hasn't mentioned that. And I don't know what she could possibly be threatened by. Her name is Mimi Imfurst, but she's not first and I don't even think she's second. I don't think anyone's placing any bets on her.

    • Raja: Delta and I are very psychically connected, or at least I hope we are because Delta knows a lot about me. Delta knows how many cab drivers I slept with, Delta knows all kinds of shit.

  • Notes

    • You might notice that Mimi Imfurst has on a different wig during the final lip synch than she did for the runway challenge. That's because she and Shangela got into an argument during the deliberations and Shangela threw a drink on Mimi's wig. This altercation can been seen on the episode of Untucked that followed.

  • Allusions

    • RuPaul: Danger, Will Robinson! Stacy Lane Matthews is on the run!

      This is a reference to the sci fi tv series Forbidden Planet.

    • RuPaul: (about Raja) The queen who fell to earth!

      This is a reference to the sci fi movie The Man Who Fell To Earth starring David Bowie.

    • RuPaul: Drag...the final frontier.

      This is a reference to the opening line of Star Trek.

    • RuPaul: Help me,'re my only hope.

      Two allusions in one! A classic line from Star Wars with a reference to Barbarella to boot.

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