RuPaul's Drag Race

Friday 8:00 PM on LOGO Premiered Feb 02, 2009 In Season





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  • Great tv, but it suffers from repetition

    This show is fun and quirky. Rupaul has created a winner in this show, and I enjoy meeting the new queens and watching them grow during the season. can only give this show a 7/10 because it has a few flaws that take away from the show. We are currently in season 9, and there are so many acting and singing challenges this season (and the last few) that it's frankly getting boring. There was a much bigger variety of challenges in earlier seasons. These performance challenges also require tons of groupwork which doesn't make for the best tv. My other problem is the casting, actually a few problems with casting. I am not super happy with the lack of geographical diversity in casting. We have so many established hotbeds of drag (Washington, and some great up and coming areas (Columbus, OH) that get no attention because the casting agents want to pick multiple people from NYC, Chicago, Seattle, etc. So I guess the next drag superstar really needs to live in a few select cities. Also, how is it that we have so many queens be "drag family" of contestants from previous seasons? Is the casting department really casting a wide net, or are they just looking to find connections to established and popular prior queens? It's even worse when two (or more) queens know each other in the same season. Again, the 12 best queens you could find already have 5 pre-existing relationships? Sounds like weak casting. Finally, I'm not super in to the branching out of drag queen styles. While I appreciate new and different styles of drag, it seems each of the last few seasons have had people who were more performance artists (Milk, Sharon, Nina Bo'Nina, Max) than drag queen. Sure, they are fun to watch, but female illusion should always remain a priority in a drag queen show.
  • Batman vs Superman vs Wonder Woman vs Rupaul = Out Of This World Fun !

    Unparalleled genius of a reality show with fabulously talented content. The iconic Rupaul has a real winner ! Thank you for creating such a clever, witty and entertaining show. Con-dragulations and many more years of your fabulosity Ru !
  • whats next?

    i love this show but some times some of the judges pick on ppl and its uncool but come on when is the next season coming on i cant wait
  • Fun show about aspiring entertainers.

    This reality series brings performer RuPaul to the stage, as judge of a competition between would-be drag stars. The guests must sing, dance, compose commercials, and go through various other routines in order to impress the host. Lose, and you're sent home. Win, and you get to try again with more tests next time. Sometimes the show gets a little routine, as the tasks can be similar to each other, but most of the episodes are funny. The camera shots as the host reads announcements also slow things down a little. There's building tension, and then there's just taking too long. Still, this show brings a wit to reality TV that's been missing for a long time.
  • This is top model on crack

    This show is crazy its about the fabulous Ru Paul trying to find a new drag queen star. The "girls" basically compete in different challenges and eventually have to work the runway at the end of the show.They even have to make their own outfits which is crazy its like americas next top model and project runway all put together. The contestants all have huge personalities which causes alot more drama which is awesome. Ru Paul is also a great host shes hilarious and fabulous. Overall this is a great show its entertaining, its fabulous and these queens are fierce baby!
  • Fun, fun, fun...

    Logo has provided us yet again with another fun show to keep us entertained. We have seen many reality TV show, but this one is kind of like America's Next Top Model (ANTM) with a twist... more like a huge twist. In this show we have drag queens as contestants. The show is similar to ANTM in that it has a series of challenges for the contestants. And at the end of each episode a contestant is eliminated. However, when we are introduced to the bottom two contestants they get a chance to save themselves. There is a panel that helps RuPaul to chose the contestant that will be eliminated. However, the final decision is HERS.

    This show it lots of fun. I would recommend it.