RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 2

Friday 8:00 PM on LOGO Premiered Feb 02, 2009 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 5/4/10
    All twelve contestants come back to discuss season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race. Old rivalries are discussed, new revelations are announced, and the winner of the Las Vegas Miss Congeniality Award is presented.
  • The Grand Finale
    Episode 11

    The final three dolls shoot a video with RuPaul to her hit "Jealous Of My Boogie". But issues with the choreography threaten to derail one contestant's chance to be America's Next Drag Superstar.

  • 4/20/10

    This episode shows outtakes and highlights of the entire season. RuPaul sings her song "Main Event" over a montage of clips from the earlier episodes. We see Jessica talking about what drag means to her, Nicole Page Brooks with her son, Pandora's many funny moments and much more from the season.

  • The Diva Awards
    Episode 9
    The final four contestants must create three different red carpet looks for this week's challenge. Tatiana continues to draw criticism from the other queens for being just a pretty face.
  • Golden Gals
    Episode 8
    It's time for the dolls to "gay it forward" by transforming some older gentlemen who were pioneers in the gay movement into fabulous runway queens. A burgeoning rivalry intensifies when Raven feels that Tatiana is trying to sabotage her.
  • Once Upon A Queen
    Episode 7
    The remaining queens must learn to promote themselves by creating an autobiography for themselves, styling themselves for the book cover, and conducting an interview where they well not only themselves but Abolut's new vodka, Acai Berry. And since reading is fundamental, some of the girls get their feelings hurt when they take turns slinging insults.moreless
  • Rocker Chicks
    Episode 6
    The contestants must meet a challenge not normally given to drag queens: singing live! Along with learning their song, they must create a rock look and perform in front of a live audience.
  • 3/9/10

    The mini-challenge involves decorating a white box with the provided supplies plus one item borrowed from another contestant. In the main challenge, RuPaul announces the queens must create their own wedding dresses by altering conventional wedding gowns. They then take wedding portraits, portraying both the bride and the groom in the pictures.

  • The Snatch Game
    Episode 4

    In the mini-challenge, contestants must bid on what they think is the value of various drag queen essentials. Raven wins the challenge, and gets a rare phone call home. In the main challenge, the queens have to impersonate celebrities in a "Match Game" homage, trying to be as funny as possible while staying in character.

  • Country Queens
    Episode 3

    RuPaul asks the girls to play a game by eating fried foods blindfolded, then guessing what they ate. In the tiebreaker, the contestants must eat a basket of fried foods, including deep-fried cow brains. The main challenge involves creating a commercial for Disco Extra Greasy Shortening. In a twist, teams must swap their scripts.

  • Starrbootylicious
    Episode 2

    In the mini-challenge, the girls have to give a Ru Paul doll a bad girl makeover. In the main challenge, they have to create a burlesque performance for a Hollywood night club. Tyra refuses to work with her teammates, skipping out on the rehearsals and falling asleep in the work room.

  • 2/2/10
    Twelve new drag queens try their luck at becoming America's Next Drag Superstar! For their first challenge, they must channel their inner Scarlet O'Hara and make a runway dress using curtains. Keeping with the Gone With The Wind theme, the girls are photographed by Mike Ruiz with two male models while a wind machine wreaks havoc with their hair.moreless