Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 17

A Decisive Battle like Violent Waters

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 30, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Juppongatana Roll Call


      Elder Saizuchi, the short bald guy with the four whiskers, and his partner, Fuji, the giant who is only seen by his feet, are not mentioned in the roll call, although they are included in the group.
      Chou is not able to attend.

    • Adding to the other point, the cigarette he has turns into a toothpick, than back and it is smoking, and then back into a smoking toothpick. Saitoh is smoking a toothpick.

    • In the CN dub of this episode, Saito's cigarette is replaced with a toothpick, but for a brief scene, the toothpick is a cigarette (they didn't edit the scene like they normally would).

  • Quotes

    • Seijuro: Why are you wasting time around here when so many people in town are patiently waiting for your return. Get moving! Stop wasting time and leave already!
      (Kenshin looks up.)
      Kenshin: Huh? (gets up) Master. (leaps towards Seijuro for a hug) MASTERRRRRR!!!
      (Seijuro dodges and Kenshin crashes into a shelf full of pots)
      Seijuro: Getting hugged by you isn't really something I'd enjoy that much.

    • (Saito walks away.)
      Sanosuke: Hey, you're running away?
      Saito: I don't have time to play games with you.
      Sanosuke: Hmm. Well, if you're not gonna fight me, that means you forfeit. I win by default.
      Saito: (not even looking back) Heh. Whatever you say.
      (Sanosuke becomes agitated. His anger grows.)
      Sanosuke: rrrrrrrRRRR HEY! You think I'm gonna settle for that?! Come on, fight me! Turn around and face me like a man!

    • Saito: Tell me, what have you done to improve your defense?
      (Sanosuke grins and lifts his hands in a shrug, shaking his head sheepishly.)
      (Saito grabs Sanosuke's shirt)
      Sanosuke: (holding up middle finger) Hey! Did you really think I'd just do what you told me to do? Concentrating on defense during a fight just isn't my style. I'll fight the way that I want to fight! You got that, Saito?
      Saito: Heh. Then you're still as useless as ever.

    • Seijuro: (holding up bag) You thought this stuff worked? This was just something I threw together to keep you happy that time you thought you were dying.
      (Kenshin looks stunned.)
      Kenshin: But how?
      Seijuro: If I were to give you a reason, it would have to be this sword. (holds out Kenshin's sword)
      Kenshin: The reverse-blade sword's principal forge?
      Seijuro: Look closely. This holder nail is about to come out. It's as loose as can be. The power of your attack was absorbed by the sword and weakened by a fracture. It's a good sword that truly understands the inner feelings of its owner.
      Kenshin: (thinking) Sir Shakku…
      Seijuro: It's all thanks to the genius of my training regiment, because it was so rigorous and thorough, that it forced you to use the sword to such a degree that the nail became as loose as it is now. We cut it close but the passing on of the final attack is now complete. (handing sword to Kenshin) The Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki is now yours. From now on, the only thing you should concentrate on is understanding that everything about this attack can be used by you, as a wanderer.
      Kenshin: (nods) Yes.

    • Sanosuke: You ready for some trouble, broom-head?!
      Chou: I can take whatever you dish out, rooster-head!
      Sanosuke: Broom!
      Chou: Rooster!
      Sanosuke: Broom!
      Chou: Rooster!
      (Saitou puffs a cigarette)
      Sanosuke: Broom!
      Chou: Rooster!
      Sanosuke: Broom!
      Chou: Rooster!
      Sanosuke: Sweep, sweep, sweep!
      Chou: Cock-a-doodle-doo!!
      (Scene of a rooster and a broom fighting.)
      Chou: (as broom) If you manage to beat me, I'll answer every single question you ask me!
      Sanosuke: (as rooster) Sounds good to me.
      Together: Don't just stand there you stupid Willow-Head, give us a signal!
      Saito: Don't get carried away, boys. (flicks cigarette, which drops in slow motion.)

    • Soujiro: I'm back!
      Yumi: There you are.
      Soujiro: Something wrong you look so desperate.
      Yumi: Just where have you been?
      Soujiro: Where have I been? Well I was just thinking everyone might get a little depressed in a boring place like this so I decided to go get some pastries.
      Yumi: It took you three days to go buy pastries?
      Soujiro: Well I got a little lost here and there.

    • Sano: Just who you callin' a 'moron', moron?!
      Saitoh: Moron.

    • Chou: Sorry bout that partner, hope I didn't break your face too badly.

    • Kenshin: Master, thank you for everything. (bows)
      Seijuro: Hold on. This white cape has been passed down for generations. This shall be the proof that you are the true successor of the Hiten Mitsurugi style. Take it. It rightfully belongs to you now.
      (Kenshin and Seijuro stare at each other with a little teardrop on their cheeks.)
      Kenshin: I'll have to decline. (scene fades in to Kenshin wearing the oversized robes, then pans back to the two, with Kenshin shrugging) It wouldn't look good on me anyway.
      Seijuro: Well, that's true.

    • Kenshin: Speaking of selfishness. I'm sorry, but I have just one more favor to ask of you, Master. Could you protect everyone at the Aoiya while I'm fighting Shishio?
      Seijuro: Huh. Kenshin, you've taken advantage of my kindness enough for one day. You're no longer my apprentice since you've chosen to refuse the Mitsurugi style. You must now forget that I was ever your master.
      Kenshin: Master!
      Seijuro: However, always remember that I did not teach you the Hiten Mitsurugi style so that you would be unhappy. You needn't worry about minor details. Just go and defeat Shishio.

    • Chou: Mr. Rooster-head over here is really starting to bug me. I was trying to be nice by telling you the honest truth, but if you jackasses aren't interested in hearing it, then why don't you just get out of here?
      Sanosuke: Did you just call me jackass? Listen, buddy, I gotta tell ya, I haven't exactly been in the best of moods ever since I got into Kyoto.

  • Notes

    • The full title of this episode that appears on the screen is A Decisive Battle Like Violent Waters: The Strongest Juppongatana.

    • Seijuro survives Kenshin's Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki and offers him the title of Hiko Seijuro the 14th, which Kenshin politely declines.

  • Allusions

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