Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 3

A Devil of Vengeance

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 10, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Suspenseful much?

    Woah, this episode was amazing! The fight between Kenshin and Saito was like so crazy. It was scary, Kenshin was so cool and yet so terrifying. In the end it all got called off, I wonder who would've won if the police imperialist guy didn't call it all of though. So now the police guy wants Kenshin to assasinate this guy named Shishio, or the Battousai's succesor, protege, whatever. He looked very scary, and in a week the guy will collect his answer. It's really scary, what Kaoru says in the end adds a lot of suspense as well, I can't wait to watch the next episode!
  • This episode would have to be the one of the one best epsiode in the seris. The old riverlery comes back to show the best fight ever. Hijime Satiou v.s. Kenshin Himura finle stats. the only bad part is that i wished it last a bit longer then what it did.

    the fight between Satiou and Kenhsin is probably one of the best fight i have seen in any anime around. its really fast pace but u can still tell whats going. Other than the fight the reason why kenshin mit have to choose weather to be a manslayer or raeman a wounderery. But when he hears who is going against he has tuogh time to wether to kill shishio or find a way to beat him without killing him. Shishio is a manslayer from the revolution like how kenshin was and so Shishio knows he knows how to beat the governtment currently in power then start A war all over and strat the bloodest time ever to exist. So kenshin decide on what he is going to do.
  • Battousai vs. The Wolf of Mibu and Battousai's successor is first mention.

    This episode contains one of the best fights in Anime. We also see more of Kenshin's Battousai side. The one thing that kind of ruins the fight is Kaoru's crying. The fight was stop by Okubo. Okubo is a famous man in Japan back a hundren years ago. It turns out that Saito is a spy that is testing Kenshin's abilities for his coming battle. This episode also first mentions Shishio, the villian of this season. I didn't like the fact that Kenshin's friends are speaking for Kenshin about him going to Kyoto when Kenshin didn't say a word about this. Since the beginning of the season, you can tell that the mood of the story has change greatly.