Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 29

A Duel With an Extreme Moment

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 06, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Soujiro is defeated.

    This episode actually didn't have too much content it, compared to other episodes, but the content that did happen was really good. The part where Soujiro lost his mind was really an into character thing to do, awkward to watch, but not out of character which is good. In the end Kenshin won and broke Soujiro's sword. Soujiro realizes he must find his own path(I am glad Kenshin corrected Soujiro so he didn't become a 100 percent peace lover). But Soujiro also found out Kenshin's weakness, his left leg when he takes an extra step for momentum during his final attack... I bet Shishio will be on that. Saito and Aoshi talk for a little, and Saito is free to do whatever he wants now... nice planning for him. Kenshin goes to the final room, and Shishio is there waiting for him. Before I forget, the part where Shishio just breaks Soujiro's sword like that with his hand, that was truly cruel... but, who can blame him. Spectecular episode:)
  • Kenshin vs. Soujiro and Soujiro's tragic backstory.

    It was destined that Kenshin and Soujiro would fight again ever since Kenshin's old sword broke. Soujiro is kind of creepy because he is a kid that smiles all the time yet he could kill you in a second. Kenshin had a hard time trying to hit Soujiro since Soujiro has beyond god-like speed. Seeing how tragic Soujiro's backstory is very sad. His guardians are nothing but jerks and they enjoy beating him up. I had a hard time trying to read the translations of the kanji as they were going in a fast speed. Soujiro screaming and banging his head on the ground is a little scary. Lucky, Kenshin was able to defeat the smiley kid. It was interesting to see who Yumi was worried about Soujiro.
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