Samurai X

Season 1 Episode 8

A New Battle

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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While gambling with friends, Sano and Kenshin learn that one of Sano's friends died when tricked into using opium. As Sano takes in the news, a young woman named Takani Megumi rushes in on Sano and Kenshin begging for their help. Kenshin and Sano learn that Megumi is being hunted by a cruel businessman named Takeda Kanryu and a group called the Oniwabanshu. When Kenshin and Sano take Megumi to Kamiya Dojo, they are attacked by a couple of the Oniwabanshu, resulting in Yahiko being poisoned by a poison dart. Megumi takes over the treatment of Yahiko, and reveals that she is a skilled doctor, especially in creating medicine. This revelation makes Sano even more suspicous after finding Megumi with some opium....moreless

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  • I say ten out of ten.

    I give this episode a ten out of ten. It had everything I like in an anime! The thing with Kaoru getting so jealous was hilarious! At the beggining it was funny, and when she was spying and stuff. Her eyes look so kawaii and stuff. She is so jealous! Anyway, the whole battle thing was really cool, and Sano withstood all those burns... (wait, he wasn't really breathing fire, so was it real fire or not? Hmm...) Anyway, nice battle. Very cliff hanger ending-ish with the whole poison dart and everything but then Sano finding the opium which his friend died of with Megumi. So, interesting, can't wait to watch the next episode.moreless
  • Whether friend or foe it has come in the shape of the seductive Megumi Takani.

    During a friendly game of dice, Sanosuke learns of the death of a good friend of his due to opium. Now Sanosuke wants to avenge his friend’s death. It is not until Ms. Takani runs into the arms of Himura that the story hits a new level. Beshimi, a member of the Oniwaban group, has been set to recapture Ms. Takani and bring her back to his leader. His leader is none another than Aoshi Shinomori. Shinomori was the youngest person to ever become leader of the Oniwaban, the greatest group of ninjas. Hyottoko, the fire breath, causes some damage and a couple of bruises on Sanosuke, but there is nothing that Sanosuke cannot go up against. Sadly Myojin falls ill after being hit by an opium dart. Himura is filled with rage but before he is able to render Beshimi unconscious Hannya appears. It looks like now the Himura group have more to handle than usual, can they win without losing anyone else?moreless

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Sanosuke: Piece of cake.
      Kenshin: You got hurt pretty badly for a piece of cake.

    • Yahiko: Were you gonna try to leave me out of it? I don't think so. I'm a member of Kenshin's group too, I'll have you know.
      Sanosuke: One of Kenshin's group? What do you mean?
      Yahiko: Heh. They can bring bows and arrows and knives and even guns with them. Just let me at those creeps. I, Yahiko Miogi will personally defeat them all.
      Sanosuke: (sticking foot in Yahiko's face) You're pretty arrogant for a kid, you know that?
      Yahiko: What'd you call me? I'll get you for that!
      (jumps on Sanosuke and bites his head.)
      Kaoru: Yahiko, stop that right now!
      Kenshin: Oh boy. If they're fighting themselves already, Kenshin's group is in for a lot of problems.

    • Megumi: My, I'm surprised. She is such a violent girl.

    • Yahiko: So to make a long story short, I guess he put the moves on the woman he saved. Heh-ha. I guess I can't leave you alone, can I?
      Kenshin:No, that really is not the case here.
      Kaoru: (towering over Ken) Then what's your excuse?
      Kenshin; A-As I was saying…
      (Kenshin is shocked as Megumi puts her hand on his cheek affectionately.)
      Megumi: Sir Ken was wonderfully heroic when he saved me.
      (A glass sound is heard when Kaoru's anger mark bounces off her shoulder.)
      Kaoru: Right.

    • Kenshin Himura: I had hoped not to be a bother to you Ms. Kaoru. All things considered there may be an ugly incident or two before this is over I'm afraid. But I will make sure to keep you safe from harm Ms. Kaoru.
      Kaoru Kamiya: Kenshin...

    • Kaoru: Where are you going?
      Megumi: That man is different from Beshimi. There's no way he can win.
      Kaoru: Kenshin's been fighting for your sake in case you haven't noticed. How can you just run away when he's doing all this for you?
      Megumi: The Oniwaban group is a ruthless bunch who don't have a shred of remorse about killing other people. They don't show any mercy even to women. You may end up being killed by them as well.
      Kaoru: No matter how strong the enemy is, Kenshin will protect me always. Kenshin's not the kind of man who'd ever break a promise to anyone.

    • Sanosuke Sagara: Why does she have opium? Maybe she's the one we really have to watch out for.

    • Sanosuke: Kenshin's the kind of guy who's pretty good at dealing with things like swords but not so great when it comes to dealing with people, especially women and children.
      Kaoru: Yeah, I know that but...
      Sanosuke: But, you know, I guess there are limits to just how good anyone can be.
      Kaoru: Huh?
      Sanosuke: I'm absolutely certain Kenshin will be a perfect gentlemen to the very end. Probably.
      Kaoru: What do you mean, "probably?"

    • Sanosuke: All right, loser! Let's try this one more time!

    • Kenshin: That's a good decision. It's much better to attack and get burned a little than to dodge it during battle and get burned a lot.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Aoshi Shinomori is based on Toshizo Hijikata, real life commander of the Shinsengumi. Hijikata was considered to be a remarkably handsome man, but was a pretty ruthless leader who demanded intense adherence to the laws of the Shinsengumi.

    • Kanryu Takeda is based on Kanryuusai Takeda, real life captain of the fifth squad of the Shinsengumi. In real life, Takeda betrayed the Shinsengumi to the Imperialists and was assassinated for it.

    • Nobuhiro Watsuki's interest in American comics rears its head again. Aoshi Shinomori wears a trenchcoat much like Gambit's from the X-Men.

    • Actually, in the manga, Sanosuke was winning at gambling, thanks to Kenshin's DEAD-ACCURATE predictions. It's probably changed in the anime to make the scene funnier.

    • In the manga, after Kenshin and Sanosuke knocked out Beshimi, they IMMEDIATELY find opium in Megumi's possession, not later after Yahiko got poisoned. THAT'S why Sano was so irritable towards Megumi before then.