Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 4

A Wish Unrequited

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 11, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • This day will never be forgotten.

    The eleventh day of Meiji, the fourteenth of May, the day Okubo was assasinated leading Kenshin to go to Kyoto, and leaving behind his friends. I swear, this episode was the most emotional one yet out of the other thirty. The ending was so sad, I felt so sorry for Kaoru, it was exactly when Sasuke left Sakura! And that's how I fell in love with the couple in Naruto, and now I love this couple in Ruroui Kenshin! It's so sad, seriously... the ending just made me want to cry. He could've kissed her or something, but it was just so fast, the flashback and the final hug, the thank you for everything, and bang. Kenshin is wandering off again, leaving Kaoru, and back to Battousai. This episode definetly deserves a ten.
  • A very sad day during the 11th year of Meiji

    (this will be a really long summary..sorry!^_^)
    This was a very depressing and sad episode. In the beginning, it is May 14th, the time when Lord Okubo would come over and confirm if Kenshin would stay or leave to go to Kyoto. If Kenshin decides to go back to Kyoto he would become a manslayer once again..which makes the decision hard for kenshin. And if he stays he thinks he would be endangering everybody every time he fights since he would be becoming a manslayer little by little, But when Kenshin says that instead of Lord Okubo seeing him he would go see Lord Okubo. But Megumi puts a leash on him to stop him and if Kenshin still refused she would give him some powder that would make Kenshin do whatever she wanted. After taking the leash off, Kenshin said that he was going to see Okubo now. The others want to come with him but he said that it would be a very long conversation and so he leaves. In the other part of the city, Okubo is riding in his carriage when Soujiro comes over and kills him. Kenshin is walking around trying to look for Lord Okubo but he finds a huge crowd of people looking at something. Kenshin is shocked that it turned out to be Okubo, dead. Soujiro whispers to Kenshin that he shouldn't mess with Shishou or he would die for sure and dissapears within the crowd. Kenshin goes to the police to go see Saito and ask him what he was going to do and Saito replies that he will be going to Kyoto. Back in the city the word gets out that Secretary Okubo was assassinated and people are starting to think that the revolution would repeat itself. Kenshin finally decides to go to Kyoto. Back at the house everyone is waiting for Kenshin to come back from the visit. But when megumi, Sano, the little girls leave, Kaoru sees if she can find Kenshin. And pretty soon Kenshin pops up and announces his decision to go to Kyoto. But before he leaves he thanks Kaoru for everything she had done and says “Farewell”and leaves to Kyoto to settle things once and for all, Leaving behind a crying and distressed Kaoru. And the credits roll. -(Im so sorry if it was long..but i kinda told you the whole episode so..hehheh^^*sweatdrop*)
  • The 11th year of Meiji, May 14th. On this day, Kenshin Himura returned to wandering once again. And into the pitch black darkness he disappeared, alone.

    The episode starts with Kenshin's friends talking about how much Kenshin is worth to them. I didn't like the fact that his friends assume that Kenshin has chose to stay in Tokyo while Kenshin didn't said a thing. As Okubo was on his way to visit Kenshin, Soujirou came and killed him and Soujirou smiles happily. The new character is creepy. When the attackers on the street pretended that they killed Obuko, I had a feeling that it is connected to real Japanese history. At the end, Kenshin meets Kaoru alone. Kenshin says thank you to her and gives her a hug. He told her about the assassination and he is going to Kyoto because he fears that the Battosai in him will come back soon. As soon as I saw Kaoru crying and the epilogue appear on screen, I was quiet for a long time.