Samurai X

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 28, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Kenshin and gang, or the Kenshin-gumi, (at least that's what Yahiko calls them) raid Kanryu's mansion. Kanryu, fearing the wrath of Kenshin, promises to return Megumi in one hour, an hour in which Kanryu will torture Megumi to find out the formula for the new opium.

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  • Yay for fighting...

    So after they break into the guys mansion they fight that Hannyu guy(sorry for misspelling) and it was a cool match and everything ha ha Kenshin used his sword as a ruler... classic. So then they keep going and Kenshin soon encounters Aoshi. Aoshi takes Sanosuke down with one hit, very impressive indeed. When Aoshi fights Kenshin, I thought Kenshin was going to crush him but then he pretty much got crushed... Aoshi is like Ty Lee and Neji and Hinata:| Like Gentle Fist or something really cool style. I wonder how the Kenshin group will get out of this one...moreless
  • Is Himura strong enough to go up against Shinomori?

    The Himura group intrudes Edo Castle in order to save Ms. Takani. But before they can save her Himura must go up against Hannya. It was a fierce battle as Hannya used the Kempu style form of attack and a spell in which Himura could not predict the length of his arms. Himura decided to use the Shin-ken stance, The Sword that Believes, in order to measure the length of Hannya’s arm and strike. Himura proved victorious and proceeded further into the castle. Shinomori appeared and took out Sanosuke with one blow. Himura unsheathed his sword and began to attack him, but Shinomori proved to be too quick and the kodachi stressed a defensive tactic of the Kempu style. Himura now remains weakened on the floor.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The bandages covering Kaoru's breasts disappear then reappear. This happens in the beginning around when Kanryu was trying to bribe Kenshin to work for him.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Threatening Kannryn)
      Kenshin: Are you gonna bring Megumi down or shall I come up?

    • Kanryu Takeda: I don't get it. What's his reason for doing this? What in God's name is Battousai the Manslayer doing here? What benefit could there be? What does he have to gain by helping this woman?
      Hannya: If Himura the Battousai acted only what was beneficial to him, he would be a high ranking officer of the army at this time. Of course, people like you would never understand.

    • Hannya: You're the one that needs to understand, Kanryu. Our leader is the only one who leads the Oniwaban group. I don't remember swearing allegiance to the likes of you.
      Kanryu Takeda: How dare you!
      Hannya: The only one who can give us orders is our leader, Aoshi Shinomori. And we are always willing to die without hesitation for our leader.

    • Sanosuke Sagara: Hey do you recognize that stance?
      Yahiko Myojin: Well, kinda. It sorta looks like the Sei-gan stance, I think.
      Kaoru Kamiya: It isn't. It's the Shin-ken stance. The Sword that Believes, it's an old but solid defensive swordsmanship technique that allows you to react quickly to any changes in the opponent.

    • Kenshin Himura: I see. You have a perfect defense with your kodachi. And your fighting technique is to attack with the same style as Hannya.
      Aoshi Shinomori: There's one mistake in your analysis. He uses the same style that I do because I taught it to him.
      Kenshin Himura: What? (Feels the effects from the Kempu attack)
      Aoshi Shinomori: Master and apprentice are completely different. And if you think we're the same, then you'll end up like that.

    • Kenshin Himura: A man of this much power. What is he doing this for?

    • Aoshi: If you want to know where they are, then ask with that reverse blade sword, Himura the Battousai. And I will give you my answer with this. (reveals his sheathed kodachi)

  • NOTES (3)

    • In the anime, Kanryuu thinks by himself of using the Gatling Gun. In the manga, he doesn't think about it until one of his employees tells about being the testing day for the gun.

    • In the manga, it's Aoshi, not Hannya, to save Kanryuu from Megumi, who is capable to make a cut in Kanryuu's left arm before that.

    • Once again, it can be seen how Nobuhiro Watsuki was influenced by American comics with Hannya's claws, which are definitely an homage to Wolverine's from the X-men.