Samurai X

Season 1 Episode 6

Appearance of Kurogasa

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 24, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Appearance of Kurogasa: Death From the Shadows.

A policeman makes a visit to the Kamiya Dojo, and tells them of a serial murderer who has been patrolling the streets. He has been able to successfully kill numerous policemen and high-ranking officials without them even being able to pull out their guns, let alone shoot him. Kenshin has a hunch that this is yet another battousai leftover from the revolution, still stuck in the old ways.

Kenshin and Sanosuke come to a nobleman's mansion, midst a crowd of other men who have come for the reward of killing the killer, whom everyone has nicknamed "Kurogasa". (Kurogasa means Black Hat) After a brief moment of waiting, the guards outside are quickly decapitated by the killer. A man blurts out that the killer is too scared to come in, and that's when he appears, proceeding to slice the man in the back. He stands in the window, a man with creepy blue eyes and grey hair. Kenshin recognizes him as Jin-e, a battousai from the revolution, just as he had predicted. As everyone approaches to fight him, they find themselves unable to do so. Jin-e has a paralyzing power that renders opponents motionless, for easy kills. Kenshin, however, hid behind Sanosuke, and jumps out and attacks Jin-e. He easily dodges, and the two begin in a swordfight, until they come to a stalemate. Sanosuke, by this time, has wrenched free of the power, and launches a statuette at Jin-e. He jumps aside, and attacks Sanosuke, gashing his arm up. (This was cut in the TV version.) Kenshin quickly intervenes, and the two are locked in battle yet again, but it seems that neither side is progressing much. Jin-e laughs at how weak Kenshin has become, and berates him for giving up his battousai ways. He says he'll give Kenshin one day to prepare, for he wants to have a fight with the true battousai, and leaves. Sanosuke asks Kenshin why he didn't follow, but Kenshin tells Sanosuke that Jin-e was right. Kenshin has lost his true battle spirit in the 10 years he's been a wanderer. He leaves to go meditate for the remaining 24 hours, to try and rise the battousai spirit out of him so that he can stand a chance against Jin-e's true power.

Sanosuke heads back to the dojo to tell Kaoru, who has fallen asleep outside waiting for Kenshin. When she hears of the news, she immediately rushes off to find him, as usual, down by the river. She tells him that she doesn't want him to leave and never come back, so she lends him her blue ribbon, telling him that he must return it after the battle. Kenshin smiles, and Kaoru smiles back. Suddenly, she is ripped from the side of the river by none other than Jin-e, sailing down on a raft. He laughs at Kenshin, attempting to get a rise in him and set his true anger free. Kenshin shouts for Kaoru, but Jin-e is long-gone. . .
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