Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 18

As If to Fly

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network



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    • Kenshin: From my experience during the revolution, there are two conditions most favorable to a manslayer. One was to be among the shadows of night and the other was to be among the crowds of people. Of all the manslayers, the one who took my place was Shishio. In such a situation, how could he accomplish this?

    • Kenshin: Sano, why are you here?
      (Kenshin falls into Sanosuke's arm)
      Sanosuke: Why am I here? I'm only here to help you, of course!
      Saito: Don't you mean, to get in the way?
      Sanosuke: What!?

    • Sanosuke: So, you're going to leave me behind again?
      (Sanosuke punches Kenshin, making him fall back)
      Sanosuke: I won't let you this time.

    • Saito: Another purpose, huh?
      Kenshin: Shishio is one to enjoy both taking over the country and getting revenge simultaneously. I'm sure that his second purpose is also designed to be amusing for him.

    • Sanosuke: We've gotta fly! We've gotta fly! Watch out for us, Osaka, we're coming to see ya!

    • Saitoh: (After stabbing his sword through the roof of the carraige and almost spearing Sanosuke) Oh, too bad, I must have missed.

    • Sanosuke: Katsu gave these to me when I left Tokyo. They're a new type of bomb that don't need to be lit to explode, and they're real powerful.
      Saito: Moron.
      (Sanosuke pauses briefly, then grunts in frustration.)
      Sanosuke Ooh, why are you always shooting down whatever I say? What makes you think I'm a moron now?
      Saito: Everything.
      (Sanosuke growls.)
      Kenshin: Sano, even if it doesn't need to be lit to explode, once you dive underwater, the gunpowder will get wet. It doesn't matter how powerful the bombs are; they'll never go off.
      (Sanosuke growls briefly.)
      Saito: My thoughts exactly. The best thing for you to do is to stay here, at least until the police squad from Osaka comes.
      (Sanosuke looks down in shame.)
      Saito: They should be able to keep you out the way.
      Sanosuke: Huh?
      (Kenshin holds Sanosuke back from fighting Saito.)
      Kenshin: Stop that please, Sano!
      Sanosuke: I'm gonna get you for saying that!

  • Notes

    • The full title of this episode that appears on the screen is As if to fly: Stop the launch of the Battleship Purgatory!.

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