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who's is faster? Soujiro's Shukuchi or Enishi's Frenzied Nerves

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    [1]Aug 13, 2008
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    both of these techniques have displayed immeasurable speed but after viewing episodes and mangas i think that they are equal i mean in soujiros battle soujiro was able to get kenshin in the back and his movements were only impacts in the ground..enishi's frenzied nerves also made him extremely fast to the point where he practically teleported alongside kenshin with kenshin being unable to react until the final moment where enishi slashed with his sword and after moving away was caught by enishis blade and was in his grasp....enishi had teleported in front of kenshin after being next to him, blocking his path with his blade, for this i watched the reflections OVA and the jinchuu arc final battle.......of course this isnt about who's technique is better with soujiro obviously having the better technique because it has no weakness unlike enishis increased sensitvity...this is about whos technique is may seem that soujiro is obviously faster but just think before you type because i thought the same thing until i remembered the movements enishi did

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    [2]Aug 20, 2008
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    Its kind of hard to say, since I haven't read the manga in quite a while. I'll need to check out both of those parts again, to be able to more accurately analyze which of them was faster.
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    I don't think Watsuki ever says. My guess would either be that they are about the same (Kenshin had roughly the same amount of trouble with both) or that Enishi's "frenzied nerves" is faster (because, usually in a story, each new major villain is stronger than the last). The only way to really know, though, is to ask Watsuki.
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