Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 32

Not Out of Luck!

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 27, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Aoshi fights Shishio, but there's nothing he can do except stall for time. Sano and Saitoh are still useless, and Kenshin is still knocked out. But then, something causes Kenshin to awaken! He unleashes a flurry of Hiten Mitsurugi moves on Shishio. But Shishio comes roaring back. The guys know there's only one move Kenshin hasn't used: the Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki...moreless

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    This is par of one of the best battle in the all show man,shisho is wining the battel and everithing lool like that kenski had lost but the end is far far awy it just the biging of the best part shishio look like he is invensible but kenshin id doind his best and he had no used the special of special... the amakakeru riojirameki it one of the best attck ever in the world shisho can not win with that so the hipe still alive .Is just time that shishio fall with his all friend ,but it will be so difficult no waqy .shisho is one of the best killed ever in fact fo me tthe ime is agains him so he no have much less that a few minute he will be just ash... well i do not going to say more.I only said that is on of the best epi.I like it so much.moreless
Philece Sampler

Philece Sampler

Misao Makimachi

Kirk Thornton

Kirk Thornton

Hajime Saito

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Beshimi, Gekki, Cho Sawahimojo

Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Sanosuke Sagara

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Shura/Soba Waitress (English)

Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes

Yohei Senbonya

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    • Kenshin: Your era would force pain as a matter of fact on the powerless people trying to live their lives with everything they have... And as long as I'm alive, you and your era will never succeed, no matter what the cost!!

    • Kenshin: Pain can be overcome by spirit and determination that is more powerful than pain itself. It's natural for a warrior in battle.

    • Houji: Aoshi? Get out! You have no place in this battle to prove who is the strongest!
      (Aoshi glares Houji into silence)
      Aoshi: True, the facts are the facts and cannot be argued. However, in fighting this failure, Himura-Battousai suffered wounds he shouldn't have, and wasted his strength....
      Shishio: So... does this mean to intend to make up for that lost strength?

    • Shishio: (To Aoshi) By nature you are much more narrow than the Battousai, but the way you are swinging your blades in his defense, it makes you just like him.

    • Aoshi: (To Shishio) I don't know if I have the strength that the Battousai possesses, but I do know this, he cannot be as weak as you are now. Take a look, not a single man here has been defeated by you.

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