Samurai X

Season 1 Episode 5

Reverse-Blade Sword vs. Zanbatou

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 21, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Zanza returns to fight Kenshin, and his reason for hating the Ishin Shishi is revealed. Kenshin does not deny that the Sekihoutai were treated badly, and Yahiko and Kaoru tell Zanza how Kenshin is trying to help other people to repay his debt for killing so many people during the Douran. Zanza finally realizes that Kenshin was doing far more than he was in trying to help people.moreless

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  • A stunning episode

    Now, Zanza returned to fight Kenshin. As they fought, Kenshin didn't need much effort to defeat him, but he told him a long story about the revolution, about how all the revoliuton went and about his past and now Kenshin, about how he wants to repay his past sins by doing good things and so on, and Zanza told his side of the story, about how his group was sacrificed, as scapegoats, that was his reason to hate the imperials and he became the for-hire-killer because his group Sekihoutai was killed. Later on he joined the "Kenshin Group" and that is about all at this episode.moreless
  • This episode was AWESOME!

    I loved this episode so much! The whole story with Sanosuke was sooo cool! And kind of sad, but it was still really cool. Sanosuke sounding like a little kid was... strange. But either way the fighting was really awesome as well. Sanosuke is cool but seriously Kenshin kicks arse dang Kenshin is just too cool for school (or he's just awesome whatever). So Sanosuke is another member of the group. Woot. I really liked the part at the end where Kaoru and Yahiko kept poking and prodding at Sanosuke and then he yelled at them that was so kawaii... in a good way. So, loved the episode!moreless
  • Kenshin vs Sanosuke round 2

    This two-parter introduces Sanosuke. An mysterious fighter-for-hire. He seems to hate the government and all the people who help create it. It turns out that Sanosuke has a sad story where the government betray him and his friends ten years ago. In the end, Sano learns that Kenshin is a simple wanderer and has nothing to do with the government, so Kenshin and Sano ends up as friends. Sanosuke is one the most intressing characters in the series.moreless
  • Sanosuke must deal with all his anger and frustration of the past with one battle.

    Those damn imperialists, they lied and had Captain Sagara and the Sekihoutai killed, I can never forgive them. Sanosuke took the name Zanza because it was then that he could forget about all the pain that he had suffered. Sanosuke proved to be strong enough to handle the blows of Himura’s Ryu-son-sen, but it was a paper-thin margin. It was a margin that teetered between the boundaries of life and death. Sanosuke can never forgive the imperialists, but what Himura stands for now… It’s exactly what Captain Sagara said. So it was no wonder why Sanosuke admitted defeat, even if it was to an imperialistmoreless
  • Zanza and Kenshin face off, pitting the oversized horse-slaying greatsword against the reversed-bladed katana. (NOTE: this review was originally written after watching the subtitled version, with the Japanese voice actors)

    Episode 5: The Reverse-Blade Sword

    versus the Zanbatou: Beyond the Battle

    EPISODE SUMMARY: The day dawns bright and sunny. Kaoru and Yahiko run throughout the dojo, searching for Kenshin, worried that he might be fighting that fighter-for-hire (see episode 4) Zanza. No worries though, Kenshin is just doing his laundry. He greets them genially, and they scold him for being so casual. Kaoru tells him he mustn't fight Zanza, and Kenshin agrees, but says that Zanza seems pretty determined to fight him anyway. Yahiko offers to practice with him, to limber up for it, and Kaoru scolds Yahiko, saying he doesn't need any extra training. A round of verbal sparring and immaturity ensues. At first Kenshin finds amusement in their antics, but then he is overcome by the memory of Sanosuke proclaiming how much he wants to defeat the strongest of the Imperialists, and he wonders to himself why Sanosuke (Zanza) hates Imperialists so much. Kenshin's formidable countenance gives Kaoru and Yahiko pause, and they inquire as to what he's thinking about. Kenshin snaps out of it and plays dumb (he doesn't really want to share his thoughts).

    Then Gensai-sensei and his two little sprites show up. Kaoru greets Gensai-sensei, but Kenshin greets Ayame-chan and Suzume-chan. They run gleefully to him (it's such a cute little animation) and entreat him to play with them. They attach themselves to him and he lugs off with them in tow, apparently to go play whatever game they want to play. Yahiko and Kaoru are annoyed. They are worried about Kenshin getting hurt in a fight with Zanza, and yet he's all carefree and playful with the girls (they just don't get it, the bakas -- he needs that kind of distraction) like nothing in the world is wrong.

    Over at the Ruffian Row, Sanosuke is amusing himself with dice, and ruminating on his past, on Sagara-taichou (Captain Sagara) for whom he named himself. We see a flash-back of Sanosuke as a child (probably about Yahiko's age) standing beside Sagara-taichou as they watch their army march by them. Sagara-taichou is explaining to young Sanosuke that the 300-year reign of the Tokugawa regime is about to fall, ushering in a new, glorious era where everyone is equal (it's a very idealistic picture that Sagara-taichou paints for young Sanosuke). We learn that Sagara-taichou is the leader of the Sekihoutai army, and that they are in the vanguard of the new regime.

    Sano-kun (I really don't think we can call him -chan, even here, because he's still pretty mature-looking) asks the captain that, once the new era begins, since everyone will be equal, can he have a surname as well. Sagara-taichou replies to the affirmative, and Sano-kun asks if he can use the Captain's, to become Sagara Sanosuke. The Captain roles the name off his tongue, then tells Sano-kun that he really shouldn't, it sounds too weird (I disagree, Captain! Sagara Sanosuke sounds just fine to me!) Sano-kun grins and laughs.... and then an officer of the government army arrives with orders...

    In the present, Sanosuke shakes off the flashback and throws one of the dice and nails Hiruma Gohei in the forehead. Gohei was spying on him through a window. Gohei asks him what the heck he's doing, and Sanosuke replies in kind with "What are you doing sneaking around like a thieving cat?" Gohei gets all uncomfortable and asks, without looking him in the eye, when he plans to finish his fight with the Battousai. Sanosuke bluntly tells him to mind his own business, and says he won't let anyone or anything get in his way. Gohei hastily tries to smooth ruffled feathers, but reminds him that this isn't a normal fight -- this is the Hitokiri Battousai... and Sanosuke is one of the Sekihoutai....

    Sanosuke then basically pushes him aside and walks out the door with Zanbatou slung over his shoulder (in a new wrapping apparently, since the old one was shredded in the last episode). He assures Gohei that he will defeat Himura Battousai.

    Cut back Kenshin, where Ayame and Suzume appear to be playing a form of Hopscotch while Kenshin watches (Suzume falls against him). Sanosuke approaches him from down the street; Kenshin gets a bad feeling and freezes. One of the girls askes him what's wrong.

    Back at the main dojo building, Yahiko and Kaoru are talking to Gensai-sensei, who has heard rumors about Zanza from a patient of his. Zanza is the sole survivor of the Sekihoutai. Yahiko innocently asks if the Sekihoutai are a gang of hoods or something. Gensai-sensei says no, that they were a fake-government army during the end of the Revolution. He says that the Sekihoutai promised people significantly lower taxes, which made the government look bad to the common people. The Imperialists punished them accordingly.

    Yahiko then draws the line between A and B as to why Zanza is picking a fight with Kenshin. A Sekihoutai fighting an Imperialist, out of vengeance. Kaoru grumbles that it's an unjust resentment since the Sekihoutai were the ones who did wrong in the first place. She then vows to do whatever she has to in order to stop Kenshin (o_O;; Oh? Like what? It's not like Kenshin's the one picking the fight!)

    Ayame and Suzume return from playing, hungry for a snack. Kaoru notices someone missing and asks where Kenshin is. Ayame tells them that Kenshin went with "that spiky-haired man from yesterday" (Suzume then imitates the spiky hair *melt* so kawaii!) But Kaoru and Yahiko realize this means Kenshin has gone to fight the fighter-for-hire.

    Over in an open space, Kenshin and Sanosuke face each other. Sanosuke throws off Zanbatou's covering and asks "Battousai-san" if he's ready to get started. Kenshin coldly reminds him that his name is Himura Kenshin, and that he's a Rurouni. He draws Sakabatou and strikes a swordsman's pose (UBER cool pose!) Sanosuke scoffs that Kenshin has seen the might of Zanbatou, and he marvels that Kenshin still thinks "something silly like not killing will work now." Then he washes his hands of it, so to speak, and charges Kenshin. Kaoru and Yahiko arrive just in time to see Sanosuke's first blow with the sword... and Kenshin's scabbard snaps in half. But Kenshin has dodged the blow, spins around in midair and smacks Sanosuke with the front of the blade (if it were a regular sword, Sanosuke would be in two pieces right now). Sanosuke goes down with a mighty crash.

    From the bushes, Gohei watches and curses.

    Yahiko starts bragging about how good Kenshin is, but Kaoru notices that Kenshin hasn't moved; he's still on guard and his attention is focused on Sanosuke, who is starting to get up. Yahiko is dumbfounded; Kaoru realizes that Sanosuke's real strength isn't his brute force, or even Zanbatou... his real strength is his incredible stamina and ability to take hits.

    Sanosuke commends Kenshin -- or rather, Battousai-san -- on his strength and skill, but points out that in a real fight, unlike a duel, the winner isn't necessarily the man with the best swordsmanship; it's the man who's still standing at the end. Kenshin icily tells him to save it until the end, if he's still standing, that is...

    Sanosuke launches a second attack. Again Kenshin dodges it with ease. Sanosuke swings around and makes to slice him in two with Zanbatou.... but Kenshin disappears. Sanosuke freaks, until Kenshin says "Over here." And we see Kenshin perched on the edge of Zanbatou (Man! Reminds me of a move Juromaru used against Inuyasha in episode 46!).

    Then he reveals that the Zanbatou has its limit due to its size and weight. It is either swung horizontally or vertically (It is either swung down, or to the side). He then zings Sanosuke by pointing out that with only two maneuvers he can execute with that blade, it's ridiculously easy to predict what he'll do. (Remember, part of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu is predicting the enemy's moves and getting in front of them to thwart the moves, and Kenshin is nearly a master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu)

    Then Kenshin launches his attack, beans Sanosuke from behind and then gets in front of him. Sanosuke gets really angry and swings horizontally, but Kenshin ducks and gets in close, and starts hitting Sanosuke over and over until Sanosuke keels over. End of round two. Sanosuke = Zero. Kenshin = Two.

    Kenshin tells him to just accept his defeat, saying that he doesn't want to point his sword at Sanosuke anymore. Sanosuke laments that he will lose to an Imperialist...

    Another flashback, this one to the moment the Imperialists turned against the Sekihoutai and branded them as traitors, impersonators. The government officer says that the Sekihoutai have been lying to the common people and causing trouble, and that they must be executed for impersonating the government. One Sekihoutai officer exclaims that they were just doing what the government-general told them to do. Sagara-taichou realizes what has happened: the Imperialist government has been having financial problems, and they cannot afford to slash taxes in half as promised (they promised lower taxes to get the common people on their side) so they instead are branding the Sekihoutai as scapegoats.

    The government officer and his posse then approach with rifles and surround the Sekihoutai. The officer pompously thanks them for their hard work in securing the Imperialists' position... and then the rifles are cocked and ready. Several soldiers draw their swords, and the rout begins. Sano-kun tries to give the Captain his sword, but the Captain pushes Sano-kun roughly away -- ultimately saving his life by putting him out of the way of the rifles. The Sekihoutai are massacred, but Sano-kun manages to get away with the gravely-injured captain. He pauses at a river-bank, and falls down under the weight of his dying captain (who is like a father-figure to him). The Captain tells him to leave him and run away. Sano-kun resists; The Captain stands up and tells him to just go, then throws him over the river-bank; Sano-kun watches as the Captain is shot to death...

    As we see Sano-kun crawling out of the river, trying to get a hold of his emotions, we hear adult Sanosuke's voice-over as he says the Imperialists used the Sekihoutai, then branded them traitors and killed them... and Sanosuke, in the present, clenches his fist and says he cannot ever forgive the Imperialists.

    Kenshin seems to pause and looks over at Kaoru, rather nonplussed by the mention of Sekihoutai. Kaoru affirms the rumor that Sanosuke is one of the surviving members. Kenshin ponders this.

    Gohei aims a pistol at Kenshin from his place in the bush and decides he'll have to kill Kenshin with his own hands... and he yells "Die Battousai!" as he fires. Kenshin gets a split-second warning and turns, and we see him thrown back -- Kaoru screams "NO!" and Yahiko yells "Kenshin!" -- but Kenshin remains standing. He's holding up his sword... (I'm not very good with katana anatomy, so bear with me) and the cross-guard on it shatters. The bullet hit the sword and the only damage it did was cosmetic. (But man! His sword gets its cross-guard shot off, and Zanbatou split the steel scabbard.... poor Sakabatou is in need of some TLC!)

    Unfortunately for Kaoru and Yahiko, it turns out that they're standing right in front of Gohei, who leaps out of the bushes and grabs them. He has wicked claws on his gloves (a la Jason and/or Freddy Kruger -- I never watched any of those cult horror flicks, so there! :P) that sorta remind me of Suikotsu (from Inuyasha), and he tells Kenshin that if he moves a step closer, he (Gohei) will cut Kaoru and Yahiko's throats. He starts to pull the trigger again, to shoot Kenshin, but then we see Zanbatou swing around and knock Gohei's knees out from under him. Kaoru and Yahiko are released as Gohei falls into a heap. Sanosuke then stands up and growls at Gohei that he already warned him not to interfere.

    Gohei then cocks the pistol and aims at Kenshin, boasting that Kenshin can't defend from such point-blank range... but Kenshin thwarts him with a Hiten Mitsuryugi move called Do-Ryu-Sen (kinda reminds me of Inuyasha's Wind Scar / Kaze no Kizue, except with just one blade of energy instead of five moving in a fan) and knocks Gohei's sorry butt outta the picture.

    Then Kenshin turns to Sanosuke... and Sanosuke says he wants to finish this once and for all. Kaoru foolishly tries to stop the fight by pointing out that the Sekihoutai were evil (not wise, considering one of the Sekihoutai is still standing, and holding a massive sword).

    Sanosuke marvels that average people really believe the Imperialist government is a force of goodness, thwarting evil. Kaoru and Yahiko can't believe what they're hearing, but Kenshin finally intervenes and gives them his perspective... and what he says bears repeating verbatim: "The Sekihoutai were used by the Imperialists, and ruthlessly cut away."

    Sanosuke then reveals why he wears the "Aku" symbol -- it was put there on all Sekihoutai by the Imperialists, and then the Sekihoutai were slaughtered. He turns and cocks his sword over his shoulder, saying he can never forgive the Imperialists, and he will never lose to one of them.

    Kenshin demurs and says that they will settle this once and for all..... and he flips the Sakabatou in his hand. (This is important, remember, because the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu is largely dependant on the position of the blade in accordance to the strike; thus the reverse-bladed sword negates the killing blows by nature. However, if Kenshin flips the sword in his hand, it's just as though he's taken hold of a regular sword. This is symbolic, therefore, of his willingness to kill with the blade.)

    Sanosuke swings Zanbatou, and Kenshin leaps away, but Sanosuke has another trick up his sleeve -- he starts spinning Zanbatou over his head just like Bankotsu with Banryuu (believe me, the parallels are not lost on this girl *g* even if the character pre-dates Takahashi-sensei's character) which (if you haven't seen Inuyasha) is like a helicopter. The force of the spinning blade pushes Kaoru and Yahiko back. While Sanosuke is powering up this attack, he ruminates on why he became a fighter-for-hire... because he was able to forget everything when he would fight. He has spent the last ten years becoming stronger and he intends to use that strength to defeat the strongest Imperialist. He launches himself at Kenshin... (Kaoru puts her face in her hands, unable to watch) and Kenshin replies that such weak-spirited strength cannot defeat him. Using his unbelievable speed, he dodges the attack, and neatly slices right through Zanbatou. (*CHEERS*) Then he uses another Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu move "Ryu-tsui-sen" from above and lands a heavy blow on Sanosuke.

    Sanosuke remains upright, and Kenshin commends him for his strength, saying he's the first to remain standing after being hit with that technique. But it's obvious that Sanosuke is only barely able to stand.... it seems he's standing on his pride alone. Kenshin then says he will call a doctor for Sanosuke, and Sanosuke says the fight isn't over yet, because he hasn't fallen yet. He then says that for the sake of Sagara-taichou and the rest of the Sekihoutai, he can't lose to an Imperialist.

    So Kenshin obliges him by walking over and decking him. Then he snaps "Don't you think you're fighting the wrong person? Did the Sekihoutai teach you to defeat Imperialists, or to complete the Revolution?"

    Sanosuke snaps and bellows at him to shut up, that he has no right, as an Imperialist who created a new era full of lies... Kaoru interrupts by telling Sanosuke that Kenshin just refused an officer from a high-ranking Imperial officer (Interesting to note, Kenshin looks away at this point) and that he prefers to remain a wanderer, protecting people with his sword as he can. What she says next bears repeating verbatim "You only know Kenshin as Hitokiri Battousai. YOU started this fight! Don't just state your arguments and be done with it. Don't group Kenshin in with those others!"

    Then Kenshin states that the Revolution is not over yet. This shocks Sanosuke out of whatever trance he's worked himself into. Kenshin continues "It is true that in this Meiji era, the Revolution's outline has been drawn. However, many are still part of the old world, where the weak are oppressed. That is why I became a free wanderer, and I wield this sword to protect people. I believe that doing so is my atonement to the people who were sacrificed for the Meiji Revolution."

    Sanosuke has a major epiphany here, realizing that Kenshin is essentially the same as Captain Sagara, whom he idolized as a child. And he also realizes his own mistake of getting caught up in his anger and despair, losing sight of the goal Captain Sagara had trained him toward. He realizes that in the end, he failed Captain Sagara... and whatever it is that keeps him standing finally lets him go and he falls to the ground with a mighty crash.

    Later, we see Kenshin, Kaoru and Yahiko walking down the town street, and Kaoru is marvelling that Sanosuke survived the fight at all, considering how much power Kenshin poured into him. She adds that Gensai-sensei said that Sanosuke will be in the hospital for three weeks. Kenshin remains silent and introspective until Kaoru mentions it is a miracle that Sanosuke didn't die. Then he says that Zanza is many times stronger than a normal man, and that he (Kenshin) couldn't really go easy on him. Kaoru then decides that enough's enough and they should go for beef hot-pot.... and they are interrupted by some ruffians tumbling out of the hot-pot place. (Kenshin says "Oro?" and then makes a comment about the ruffians... they're the same drunkards we saw last episode... the way he says it is just frickin' hilarious!) The ruffians run away. And we see Sanosuke standing, sorta leaning against the doorframe, all covered in bandages, calling after the drunkards that they shouldn't pick a fight with him until they're stronger. (I guess they didn't learn their lesson with the finger flicking, huh?)

    Kenshin greets him and Kaoru asks why he isn't in the hospital. He says that his strong point is his stamina, and that these little scratches are nothing (....channelling Monty Python "Tiz but a scratch!" "A scratch? Your arm's off!"...) Kaoru and Yahiko slide out from behind Kenshin and lean in close to Sanosuke and start poking him... which he takes without fuss at first, but then gets really REALLY annoyed soon enough. Kaoru and Yahiko then retreat to hiding behind Kenshin again. Then Sanosuke turns around, and Kenshin notes that the "Wicked" character is still on his back. Sanosuke says that the Sekihoutai is a memory he can't ignore, so he can't take the character off. He adds that he can't change his predjudices now. Then he looks back at Kenshin and states "I'll follow you and see with my own eyes if you're different from the Imperialist con men." (This takes Kenshin completely by surprise) Then he adds, "I am no longer Zanza, nor a fighter-for-hire... just as you are no longer Hitokiri Battousai. So I won't allow you to go wandering away without my permission, Kenshin."

    Kenshin mutters "well, well, it seems I have gained yet another weird comrade." To which Kaoru and Yahiko respond with annoyance "What do you mean 'another'?" (Yahiko) and "You're the weirdest of all of us!" (Kaoru)

    And then everything comes to a head when Tae-san, the waitress, comes running out and says that Sanosuke-san didn't pay again. Kenshin, Kaoru and Yahiko get the funniest looks on their faces.

    THE GOOD: Damn, dude, Sanosuke is one tough son-of-a-gun. Hehe. I also liked how Kenshin essentially threw a monkey-wrench into Sanosuke's pity-party by pointing out that he's targeting the wrong person. Kenshin shows his age in this respect.

    THE BAD: Gohei is deplorable. Good grief. He ain't squat for a bad guy. And I bet we haven't seen the last of him, either. (NOTE: and we haven't either! XD)

    THE UGLY: Zanbatou. *shudder* I really hate that sword.

    THE PRETTY: Once again, the fight sequences are awesome. Man, this series has awesome fight sequences. The animation is really superb.

    THE CUTE: I'm partial to Kaoru and Yahiko poking and prodding at Sanosuke, and his response of "I don't poke other people's bodies!"

    OTHER GOODIES: Man, this reminds me of when Sango joins the Inu-tachi in Inuyasha. Right down to the whole revenge thing. Except that Sanosuke is just substituting Kenshin for his real enemy. Whereas Sango believes Inuyasha is the reason her village was destroyed, Sanosuke knows it's not Kenshin's fault, but he's pinning it all on Kenshin out of grief and rage, and when he's shaken out of that focus, he really hasn't got much else left to do but to try and make amends.

    BEST MOMENT: I shouldn't say this.... I really shouldn't.... but I cheered when Zanbatou got broken. I hate that sword, it is such an ugly Banryuu-wannabe! Hopefully Sanosuke won't have that stupid thing reforged. That sword is spectacularly ugly and stupidly unwieldy. I can't imagine that it has any appropriate use anywhere but on the frontlines in full-fledged combat. It's just too big.moreless
Philece Sampler

Philece Sampler

Misao Makimachi

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Yahiko Myojin

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Beshimi, Gekki, Cho Sawahimojo

Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Sanosuke Sagara

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Shura/Soba Waitress (English)

Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes

Yohei Senbonya

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Gohei Hiruma

Guest Star

Kirk Thornton

Kirk Thornton

Hajime Saito

Recurring Role

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Yumi Komagata

Recurring Role

Steve Kramer

Steve Kramer

Dr. Gensai

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Kaoru: (Puffing out Yahiko's cheeks) You little brat!
      Yahiko: Ok I give up!

    • Yahiko: What do you mean you ugly girl!
      Kaoru: What do you mean ugly? Treat your sensei with respect!

    • Sanosuke: You're pretty strong I'll give you that, but then again you are the legendary Battousai.

    • Sanosuke: Hey Battousai, it's true that in a swordfight the guy with the better swordsmanship will be the winner, but when it comes to a fight like this the rules are a little more simple, the guy who's still standing is the winner.
      Kenshin: You really outta save lines like that for when you're the one standing in the end, that you should.
      Sanosuke: Enough! Get ready for round two!

    • Kenshin: Zanza, the Zanbatou is rather a limited weapon due to its weight and size. You must either swing it down or to the side, only two choices, which makes it extremely easy to predict. And this will be the end.

    • Sanosuke Sagara: The imperialists, they blamed the Sekihoutai for all their wrong doings and killed them. They're dirty… Too damn dirty. I'll never forgive them.

    • Kenshin: Actually Zanza, the revolution is not over yet. It is true that in this new Meiji era the shape of revolution has been complete. However many people still live in the old world where the weak are still oppressed and justice and equality is still just an ideal. That is why I became a wanderer and that's why I carry this sword to protect those people.
      Sanosuke: Battousai the Manslayer… To protect the people?
      Kenshin: This is my atonement for all the people whose lives were sacrificed in the name of the Meiji Revolution, that it is.

    • Kenshin: I think we have ourselves another weird friend, that I... Gah!
      Kamiya: Who are you calling weird? You're the weirdest one of us!

  • NOTES (9)

    • Original Air Date: February 7th 1996

    • English Version Cast Credits in Alphabetical Order (main actor name in parentheses) for episodes 5-8. Aliases apply to the entire series.
      Megumi Takani - Jane Alan (Mari Devon)
      Gohei - John Billingslea (Beau Billingslea)
      Ayame - Stevie Bloch
      Kanryu Takeda - Ivan Buckley
      Captain Sagara - Steve Cannon (Steve Staley)
      Yahiko - Elise Floyd (Wendee Lee)
      Young Sanosuke - Ian Hawk (Brianne Siddall)
      Kenshin Himura - Richard Hayworth (Richard Cansino)
      Dr. Gensai - Steve Kramer
      Sanosuke Sagara - Lex Lang
      Hannya / Shindou - Abe Lasser (Tom Wyner)
      Jinei - Dave Mallow
      Suzume - Mona Marshall
      Kaoru - Dorothy Melendrez (Dorothy Elias-Fahn)
      Tani - Anthony Mozdy (Tony Pope)
      Aoshi Shinomori - Terry Roberts (Terrence Stone)
      Tae - Georgette Rose (Michelle Ruff)
      Police Chief / Hyottoko - John Smallberries (Bob Papenbrook)
      Beshimi - David Umansky (Derek Stephen Prince)

    • When Himura is playing with Ayame and Suzume he says, "All aboard! The train is leaving the station, woo woo!" But that is a mistake because the idea of trains was foreign to most of Japan. An episode was made with the Himura group boarding their first train, which was more of a luxury.

    • In the manga, Kihei is the one knocked out by Kenshin.

    • This is the first time Kenshin uses his "Do Ryu Sen" technique, which means "Earth Dragon Flash."

    • This is the first and only appearance of Kenshin's Ryu Son Sen technique, which literally means "Dragon Nest Flash" as the sword wraps around its target like a nest.

    • The Seikihoutai was a civilian militia that fought on behalf of the Ishin-shishi. They promised the peasentry a host of good things like lowered taxes if they'd rise up and fight for the Ishin. In the end, the Seikihoutai was sold out and all of it's members were executed. In Rurouni Kenshin, Sanosuke and one other person survived the massacre of the Seikihoutai.

    • The ease with which Sanosuke swings his zanbatou around hints at the strength he has. Being able to survive hits from Kenshin and still be able to stand, is a testament to his stamina, and stubbornness.

    • The sword that Sanosuke uses is a Zanbatou, used by warriors to bring down men on horseback.