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  • you cant call yourself an anime fan without watching this

    awesome action sequences+ strong moral sense +set in pre modern japan= an absolutely bad ass anime series. Overall one of the must watch anime series and my personal favourite.
  • Teenage Males Watch This

    A great action-adventure show with strong morals and themes. Exemplifies the virtue all young men should strive to possess, and it also had fantastic action sequences. Recommended.
  • It's an awesome show, and it teaches you how anyone can seek redemption so long as they stay strong and fight for what they believe in

    It's an excellent anime. I remember checking it out on Toonami, and I still rewatch it now. It has excellent characters, virtues, morals, and tells one to seek their own way of justice/right and wrong. My favorite characters are Kenshin and Sanosuke- badass characters and very heartfelt. I also like Hajime Saito a lot, but Yahiko, Kaoru, and the others rock as well. If you want to see an anime that stands the test of time, has excellent dubbing (I'm referring to Rurouni Kenshin, not Samurai X by Sony I mean)- please, please, watch this anime. It's amazing and one of my favorite shows.
  • Rurouni kenshin is a good anime. It has drama, action and a very good story.

    Rurouni kenshin is a good anime. One of the best samurai show I ever watched, but I don't watch too many to put that as a true statement.
    It has drama, action and a very good story. The anime story is one of the best I've ever seen, but I'm talking about the background story, not the character story, which lacks better development. The characters are very good, specially some of the villains. Sometimes I get myself cheering for the villain to win, since the anime don't rotulate the characters as a pure black or white. And I'm not talking about skin color but spiritual color. The anime rotulates most of its characters as a gray color,for an example, even Kenshin has a very dark past.
    What I don't like are the humour parts. Sometimes they are right, but sometimes they are too childish. And this anime isn't an anime made for children.
    Just because of this fact and the fact that the best episodes are in the serie middle (Legend of Kyoto cycle), after that the show loses its power, I can't give it a better note.
  • One of the best anime out there...

    It is a very good anime, one that it's worth to watch. With the combination of action, comedy, and romance, the story line is one of the best. A very good action and great character build up are some of good aspects of the anime. However the ending is a little disappointing. I also like the fights because they are very detailed, good and realistic to some point. The animation is very good, considering the time that the anime was made.

    The soundtrack in my opinion is very good and the sound effects are also very good.

    I really enjoyed Rurouni Kenshin and my score to this anime is 9.5/10.
  • One of the very best samurai aniem shows that you will ever see.

    Set durring the Meji Era of Japan the show follows a wandering samurai known as Kenshin. Durring the days of the Meji Revolution Kenshin was a skilled warrior who was blessed with exceptional sword skills and he was known as the Hitokiri Battousai. When the revolution was over Kenshin swore that he would never again take another life and thus he started caring a reverse edge sword and wandering Japan to atone for his crimes.

    This is a brilliant show with great characters and an excellent plot. It is however a shame that they did not stick to the manga for the final story arc nd sadly that lets the show down somewhat.

    This is however a truly epic show and well worth a watch.
  • A whole new class of samurai!

    Rurouni Kenshin, the brain child of Nobuhiro Watsuki is one of the best Samurai manga/animes out there! With the combination of action, comedy, and romance, who couldn't love it? Short Summery:
    During 1867 in Japan a man name Kenshin Himura an ex-samurai wanders Japan when he runs into a girl named Kaoru Kamiya, who eventually lets him stay at her dojo. More characters come along becoming either friends or enemies. Awesome battle scenes and great story lines for each character it's hard not to like Rurouni Kenshin

    Pros of the show:
    ~Awesome story line ~a balance between comedy, action, drama, etc...
    ~pretty good animation ~great voice actors

    Cons of the show:
    ~whole 3rd season is filler
    ~the ending is kinda disappointing.(if you read the manga)
  • Kenshin is a very fast paced, action packed anime

    Kenshin is a very fast paced, action packed anime. This anime is about a soldier from the Meji revolution of japan. During the war he as a Battosi, a legendary man slayer. Now, 10 years later, he wanders the country to repent for his actions. He met a young lady, Kaoru, and has since lived in her dojo along with samurai's son, Yakito, and a fighter for hire, Sano. The titular character has a sort of 'split personality' that is the main part of the plot. While comedic at times, the writers and animators make each change from wander to man killer very obvious. They way he acts and talks changes drastically. The underlying love story between Kenshin and Kaoru is always there, but doesn't take away from main plot line.
  • One of the better series out there.

    Rurouni Kenshin is one of the more well-known 90s anime series out there, and I'd heard lots of great things about it. On that premise, I decided to begin watching it.

    RK can be divided into three major parts. The first part, the first 30 or so episodes, is basically an introduction-type of thing, where we get to know the characters and learn about them. It's not any continuous story here, just a new event every episode, or maybe small 2-3-episode arcs. Everytime, Kenshin and/or Sanosuke ends up saving the day, or Yahiko manages to prove himself just a little bit more. It's not very amazing in this part, but it's still very good.

    The second part, which is from episode 28 to 62, is where the story finally begins to develop. Now it's a continuous story, much like what msot shonen anime series does. It is in this part that Rurouni Kenshin shows its best side, and there's a lot of pasts to look on, tons of emotions and resolves to change, and great action. Te pacing is just right too; it's not too fast, nor too slow. Everything about this part is perfect story-wise, if you ask me. This part also has an ending (since the remainder of the show is filler), which you may or may not like. Everyone, including the bad guys, get their story wrapped up, and for me, that's fine, but not everyone may share my opinion.

    The remaining 32 episodes are filler as far as I've heard, and I haven't watched them yet. I don't think I will, since I thought the story ended so nicely; it'd kinda ruin the end if I watched more.

    The animation is very good - considering the time it was made, that is. The coloring is a bit dull, and drawing style of the eyes and hairs of the characters is a style I don't really like a lot. However, aside that it's really good - the environments are lovely, and at times the animation is really smooth, even when comparing to anime of today. Lighting effects are good too, but I noticed one or two failed attempts in that department. One more thing - during sword fights, I got a bit let down every now and then. They don't always show when the sword hits someone. Instead, a a blue beam of light is shown and the character who's been hit is flying from the impact. It may create a "final blow" effect, but I didn't like it that much, really.

    Character-wise, Rurouni Kenshin is a real masterpiece. The characters - even some of the bad ones, have pasts which have deeply affected how they act in the present. These pasts which serves as a motivation for their present actions adds depth to the characters, and it's easier to sympathize with them - even the bad ones. In addition to that, there's tons of character development; Yahiko evolving as a swordsman, Sanosuke turning from a fighter-for-hire into a person for fights more for his friends, bad guys questioning their being bad, and not to mention, Kenshin fighting against his past as a manslayer.

    The soundtrack is, in my opinion, awesome. The background music is moody, fits right in with the setting of RK, and the songs are awesome. However, this is highly subjective, so you'll have to experience it for yourself. Unfortunately, the fansubs I watched didn't have the OP and ED themes included, so I just had to listen to them on Youtube. None of them really appealed to me, but you might think otherwise. Again, it's subjective, so you'll have to listen for yourself. Sound effects are good; from explosions to swords clashing against each others to cicada chirping. The voice acting is very good too, and I really enjoyed Kenshin's voice and his "gozaru".

    All in all, I really enjoyed RK, and take my word: If you like shonen, RK is a must-see for you. Which means, most of the anime fans out there should see RK.
  • Rurouni Kenshin-Wandering Samurai

    Rurouni Kenshin-Wandering Samurai is about mainly a guy named Kenshin Hemoura
    It is set in imperial Japan sometime after the revolution.Kenshin is a great warrior who practices a very rare fighing style which uses a reverse-blade sword.He is called a "manslayer" because he killed so many people when he was fighing in the revolution as a member of the imperial army. Sometime afterwards however,he mysteriously dissapers.He wanders around protecting the inoocent and vows never to harm anyone with his deadly fighting style ever again.
    Then the story gets interesting,he meets up with Kaeru (sp?) and she takes him in as a permanet resident at her school at which she is assistant head master. Some other people came and stay at the school like Yahiko, a teenage boy who is a student at the school, he is an orphan who thinks he can take on the world.
  • This is a story about a legendary swordsman who turns from a killer to a man of peace, saving people with his sword and atoning for his past actions.

    The storyline is amazing, ever since I watched the first part of the OVA series where Kenshin is the legendary man slayer I've liked this, not just because he is "bad-ass" but there's actually a real story behind the scar on his cheek and his past dealings. Of course, the TV show portrays his goofy side, which I'm not particularly fond of, but he has his moments. The show goes into a bit more detail of his life after the revolution and it's good to watch it before you see the third part of the OVA series. Also, I found a problem with some of the animating, they got lazy on some parts and used 'real' statues and trees and stuff, kind of sad, other than that it was great. I liked how the show ended up, but I hated how it ended, they should have done just one more episode to wrap things up, but besides the shows slight flaws, I am very impressed, and this is a MUST watch.
  • Rorouni Kenshin Samurai X is all about a legendary samurai named Kenshin Himura. He was known as the legendary Hitoriki Batousai who slashed his way during the Tokugawa dynasty.

    The best anime that I have seen so far. It has a lot of lessons to be learned and applied in life. So many things in the show are existing in reality. The depth and color of the characters were unparalleled by any standards. it was like connecting history with fiction. The more I got to see the series and finish it, I more I believed that it really happened. What is more is that I became super curious about the ways and life of a samurai. It has become the stuff of legends and mysteries. With all these review, I was hoping that the series would continue but I guess they just decided to end it with a 15 year absence of Kenshin who is fighting to go back home.
  • cant get better than this

    you cant get better than this show. i recomend watching all 95 episodes. they just get better and better. its funny some of the time and other times its just plain action packed. this is my all time favorite anime of all time. you just cant get any better! i would recomend this show to any1 and every1. i watch it all the time and i still cant get enough. and if you like this then i would look up the Creator. because he made another anime called Buso Renkin. its always GREAT!!!! i also recomend Buso Renkin! Hope this helps! enjoy the anime!!!!
  • An awesome show

    "Rurouni Kenshin" is an anime about a samurai, named Kenshin Himura and his adventures. The story is happening in times of samurai, well maybe a little later. Kenshin Himura is not an usual samurai, he is know as battousai, the manslayer, he got this nickname from the war of revoliution. In that war he was said to kill countless men in a blink of an eye, he fights with an ancient style called Hiten Mutsurugi, which no one knows, however Kenshin is not a bad guy, he preffers to be known as a simple wanderer and does good deeds kinda to repay his past. Kenshin likes to help people and fights for the good, however he doesn't tell anyone he is the "Battousai the manslayer" unless that is vital. He wants to lose his past.
  • must watch

    This show is show is awesome! I love it. Kenshin Himura is well known as the killer Hitokiri Battousai .This show is full of action and even emotion. Some of the best fight sword fight scenes I've ever seen in my life! It had everything: humor, fight scenes, a very good plot, and well-developed characters it made me laugh how kenshin acted so nice but when he took out his blade he became a killer. this show was one of my all time favorites
    Why did have to end!! Over all this show was underappreciated. it get a prefect 10 out of 10.
  • This anime deserves much more recognition than it's getting. Practically a truckload more...

    To start off: I love this anime! Hence the rating, of course. Some of the best fight sword fight scenes I've ever seen in my life! Which brings me to another issue: why did it end?! It was a masterpiece and gloriously so. It had everything: humor, fight scenes, a very good plot, fight scenes, and well-developed characters...and fight scenes. Sorry about the over repetition, but good fight scenes, along with a good plot, are the very basis of a successful anime, from my view point, and it is in one of my top ten favorite anime. Why wouldn't it be? As I have classified it, Rurouni Kenshin is very underappreciated. Give it at least some credit, even if it's only a teensy little bit. Rurouni Kenshin deserves it! I will admit the humor is the "stupid" kind of humor and very, for lack of a better word, anime-ish. But we all need a laugh once in awhile, don't we. I know I do. Rurouni Kenshin always makes me laugh, cry, sit in suspense, and all that good stuff. Everyone loves a great samurai...or is that just me. Yes, I am weird, but so are you if you don't like this anime!
  • A true masterpiece among anime.

    I have watched Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cardcaptor Sakura, and a few other anime. The "big" anime out there seem to be Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach. But, this anime is perfect in my opinion and is probably just as good, if not better, than all those other shows. It has the right amount of everything. The action is great- it's about a time in the Meiji era after the revolution where a lot of people were killed by the act of the Revolution, involving swords. The right characters and development- Kenshin is flawless, Kaoru and Yahiko although not the main fighters are amazingly humouress at times and still put up a good fight. Sanosuke is also a very nice character to watch. The storyline is also very good, like it's not just meaningless stuff happening that doesn't affect the future arcs. So it's very well put together- I fell in love with it after the first few episodes! Watch this show!
  • watch this show

    Rurouni Kenshin rocks!!!!! watch this man in action you will like it there is no better samurai than kenshin hemura you will not be disapointed.he so fast man you can see him when his fighting. i love this show bring it back finish the show. i love all the episode. and kaoru is so hot, to bad they took it of the ari i wish they can put it back i realy want to see it. my favoret parts are all the fight and all the villens are the best you got to see all the fight seens but the best is the one with saito.
  • I was so addicted to the manga....but....

    I bought the first season, on DVD. First episode seemed pretty good, But as you watch them, and watch them I just found the actors had NO EMOTION! I felt nothing from them, nothing. it felt so empty, then when something sad happens they'd play a happy acoustic song. it just confused me about how I should feel about it. the drawing is good. but I didn't even finish watching the first season, I got to disc 4 and couldn't take it... it was just dreadful... I really was hoping I was going to love this show, because I was so addicted to the manga, I got up to Vol 8, bought the first season, and after watching that I just felt so depressed after watching it I gave up reading the manga's, I watched some of season 2 on youtube, it seems alot better then season 1. but this is just my opinion. maybe I was just expecting too much....who knows. great plot....but man the acting just ruined it for me.
  • This was a awesome anime why did it end?

    This show is about a samurai who was at first evil named butosi(I forgot how to spell it) the man slayer and then he meets this girl (I forgot her name) and this boy named Yahiko(I forgot his first name) and this man named Sanosuke Sagara who was originally evil too and a bunch of others. I have no idea why it ended it was one of the best anime of all time it should have animated the last arc but it never did and it went to a filler arc and then Cartoon Network never aired season 3 which just stinks this show wasn't treated with respect this show must be brought back please bring it back.
  • The story of a man who is seeking redeption for something that he had no choice in, he finds himself a home and friends and now must fight to protect all that he holds dear from others, but mostly from himself...

    This is a classic smaurai tale of redemption and unresolved sexual tension...anything and everything can be inspired by this and has...

    I just wish people appreciated it more...


    But what can yah do? Anyway, I absolutly love this series and hope that people begin to watch it more...

    The english version was well done but I still prefer the original Japanese version, but the first opening song was wonderful in english...

    My favorite character has to be the main character, Kenshin Himura, that red-head is your typical nice guy with a mix of the forbidden bad boy in there, no wonder Kaoru likes him so much...wink...

    Still, this is a very good show!

    -lv Fluff...
  • Japanese version of Superman.

    Rurouni Kenshin. Japanese' answer to Superman. That's my opinion and I stand by it. Kenshin Himura is a very unique individual. He was a killer but has seen the error in that and thus, became a wanderer, helping people wherever he's at. He's the ultimate superhero, without the super powers and the gadgets. I think he's more invincible than superman. His purpose is to start a peaceful change in the world, one deed at a time. He stands for truth, justice, honor. This series is the best of its kind. It has lessons to be learned. You are not only entertained but educated. You can't help but be involved in Kenshin's journey to fight for justice. You can feel his genuine love and concern for the people around him, and vice versa, not to mention their unwavering belief in him. The fight scenes are awesome! You can see the change that happens in him. The color of his eyes changes, it's just intense. You can feel his wounds but you know that he'll be victorious. Kenshin fought blind and he came back from the dead. What else could you ask for? I'd say even better than Superman.
  • A story of a swordmans road to redemption.

    The story line is one of those that could almost feel your heart with warmth then it jumps to a fight scene. It's set along time ago so it could be considered a historic show but the story doesn't always match the facts. The characters are goofy so you do remember you are watching an anime but there is also a lot of action and even some moments that will have you on your knees laughing. Fans of weapons will be drawn to it because it has an array of weapons that include newly made weapons (to time era). Over all it's a very good anima for all.
  • The most dangerous swordsman in Japan, called the Hitokiri Battousai, tries to make ammends for his sins by swearing never to kill again and traveling Japan, helping the people he meets who are in need. He gains a surogate family in the process.

    This is by far my favorite anime along with my favorite anime character (Himura Kenshin). It has romance and amazing swordfights but it also deals with deeper issues such as redemption and the destruction of the human soul. It shows how to be kind to others and how to hold on to your beliefs, not matter what stands in your way. Watch it and you won't be disappointed. It is heart warming and heart breaking and and tragic all at the same time as the viewer follows Kenshin on his search for atonement and escape from the labels of his past. As the series goes on, it becomes clear that the Hitokiri Battousai is a part of Kenshin that he can never fully let go of but he can try to live his life in a way that prevents harm to those around him.
  • a masterpiece

    sure weve all seen samurai animes right? WROOOONG this anime proves it never has any anime beeen so good its historically accurate with mind blowing battles great characters with easy to understand personalities and an almost infamous cast of villains that remian one of the best in all of anime it has samll bouts of comedy which might actaully get a chuckle from you its also done in a way where the feats done in this anime arent too exaggerated theres only the occasional inhuman will to live and attacks other than that most of the anime is consistent and believable which is amazing since most anime are hugely exaggerated
  • A classic, a must watch for all samurai fans.

    This show is a classic, in my standards, and a must watch for all samurai era fans.
    The anime was a bit drawn out and predictable, but good nonetheless. The predictability of it was sorta comical in it's own way.

    The anime kinda left you hanging if you haven't seen the extra ending episode. Cute little Kenji. I would have been satisfied after watching that, but being the curious person I am I just had to watch the OVAs.

    The first OVAs were good, it explained alot about Kenshin's past and built up his background story. The ones I regret watching were the last few. They made me depressed.

    The happy little family from the last extra episode of the anime, completely disbanded. Depressing right? You thought Kenshin would finally get a happy life, but no, not him.

    I could go on, but I won't spoil it for you. Watch the anime and the OVAs. I recommend watching the anime first then the OVAs. I know the first few OVAs take place before the anime starts but you'll be able to understand them more if you watch the anime first.
  • I love this showe you should give it a try.

    OMG, This show is like so awsome i love it if you like Anmie you shoud try this deffitaly try thins it is so good. Now theres this dude and his name is Kenshin my faviort though is Sanoske. Well Kenshin is my cuzins fav "wats yours". Well anyways Kenshin live in Japan and he does not kill with his sored and you will find out when you watch the show but its relly cool i dont want to ruin it for you. Well thanks for taking the time to read this reveiw Destinee Hall. Thank you very much. Again my name is Destinee Hall.
  • The live of a samurai

    This one of the best show and amime it it a classic well very good. i t abaut a samurai that used to be a killer and a blood hungry demon in a lost time in a lost era were tha live of the other were not respect and the only thing that is importat is the power. But now the war end and the pace have the control.but the it going to be for ever, some emmemy want to take the control of japan.It is a special show it is so cool and does attacks and charcter it is so perfect in my opinion it is a slogan os the amine in the today it is do great and the ememy like the clans are more great story they development alot my fovorite is Sanosuke i s good giving hit only wacth the show.

    If i tell you how much my sister love it i will not ficnish .everytime that i wacth we3 enjoy the acion ,and is originalfor me it is a classic of the tipical show of animation and aciton .Well the character mmm what i can saiy abaut the character,... well some of them are crazy others avre just band or try to be bad, the thing is that. My favorite is Sanosuke he just in the show for kick..a---s .He just enjoy that.The show is gret and i really love it specially the season of shishio.For me that was the best.
  • A samurai repenting for his kill. becomes a wonder and uses a reversed blade sword to protect the week and his loved ones. A Anima Series Which Is a life's treasure.

    While see the The Rurouin Kenshin i have cried and laughed and felt pain. as if it was a true story. A Classic Love and Action anima. any who sees anima should watch once. only anima with movies worth died for. ALL TIME CLASSIC.
    My sugation would be to see the Trust and Brayal Movies of samuria x and then the Anima's for 1-95 then Reflaction 1 and 2. Then u would see it as it is happened. Be-warned it has a Very sad Beginning and ending. Beats any animas now a days. Other Suggestions Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, *Gun Grave.
  • Rurouni Kenshin is about a the island country of Japan adjusting into the Meiji Era. One samurai known throughout Japan as Himura Battousai is a traveling samurai who is trying to atone for his sins. He meets a girl Kaoru and a bunch of other characters.

    I really enjoyed watching Rurouni Kenshin. Every new challenge pulled me in even further into the series. Kenshin is a very surprising character as well. He seems so "goofy" when he isn't in battle. But sometimes the other side of him awakens. Himura Battousai, the manslayer! Whenever Kenshin is on the edge of Kenshin and Battousai, it leaves you wanting more. Although the series didn't get to finish because of its cancellation. The fillers made it so that people stopped watching. I can understand watching parts not from the story may be dull, but it was all just to bring the conclusion to this great show. I watched the story of how Kenshin got his name and why he is where he is in the actual show. I got to see the very last of Rurouni Kenshin and the ending was very heartwrenching... Rurouni Kenshin was a great show. So I give it a 10 out of 10.
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