Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 11

Sanosuke's Secret Training

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 20, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • We see what Sanosuke has been up to...

    This was a nice episode, if gave us some more feedback from Sanosuke and everyone else also had a tiny part in the episode. Sanosuke meets a guy named Anji who is a former monk, and he has to learn a new move which crushes stuff and uses all your strength, not wasting any at all. Anji gives him a month before he will kill Sano if he can't learn the technique, but Sanosuke only needs one week. Right before he was about to give up on the last day he has a vision of Captain Sagara, which gives him courage and he finally masters the technique. The shocking thing is that Anji is really... a member of Shishios! (Gasp). Seriously, I didn't expect that. Meanwhile, Kaoru and Yahiko are both a days worth from Kyoto, and their training on the ship has given them a lot of attention (hah hah). Kenshin and Misao are also only a days away.. so much suspense! Niice episode.
  • Sanosuke meets Anji and learns a new move.

    While Kenshin travling with an annoying girl and Karou and Yahiko are traveling by boat, we see how Sanosuke is. Sanosuke meets a mysterious fallen monk name Anji. Anji has this powerful called the Futae No Kiwami. Anji seems an interesting character so farand I have an feeling that we are going to learn more about him. Sanosuke was really determined to learn the Futae No Kiwami. He spend nearly a whole week to learn the attack.

    I did feel sorry for Sano when he was talking to Sagara Sozo and how he only just watch as they put Sozo's head for display in the past. Sanosuke is an good character for his own reasons and seeing how he really wants to master the technique.

    The twist at the end on where they revealed that Anji works for Shishio is neat and I wondered how Sanosuke feels about Anji working for Shishio.
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