Samurai X - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • End of Wanderings
    End of Wanderings
    Episode 33
    Kenshin and Kauru visit a graveyard to pay respects, but are caught in the rain and have to stay out overnight. Kauru can no longer hold back her feelings for Kenshin, or her fear that he will one day wander away again.
  • 9/8/98
    Gin Poo of the Wind Clan and Kenshin enter the final battle of a centuries-old struggle with the Water Clan as Usui and Reisui implement the final stage of their plans to destroy all of Japan.
  • 8/18/98
    Kenshin and Gin Poo slowly unravel the mystery of how Reisui is directing the Dragon Path to disrupt Japan's Chi and lead it to ruin.
  • 8/4/98
    Kenshin and Gin Poo attack the Water Clan's Dragon Path of focused magic head on and try to retrieve a cure for the ailing Kaoru. Japan's government is under heavy fire from Feng Shui. Sano and Sunon target the circle of magic around Tokyo.
  • 7/21/98
    The Water Clan, an evil group who controls an ancient magic called Feng Shui, has been rerouting paths of Chi in order to destroy Japan. The Kenshin group clashes with the Water Clan when they target the Kamiya Dojo. Along with the Japanese Government, Sanosuke's friend Sunon, and a Feng Shui Master named Gin Poo, the Kenshin group intends to halt the plans of the Water Clan. However, their powerful magic may be too much for the Kenshin group to handle.moreless
  • 6/23/98
    Two competing clans of feng shui users create a powerful magic around the land that Tokyo sits in circa 1604. After 275 years, this magic begins to reactivate and cause disasters in Tokyo. After each of these incidents, a man claiming to be a feng shui master appears to provide advice to the victims. However, as soon as the man leaves a mysterious entrepenuer turns up to offer his services, such as warding stones inscribed with the power of feng shui. When the Akobeko catches fire from one of its stoves, Tae and Tsubame go to live at the Kamiya dojo, where they are attacked by feng shui fledglings following a visit from the entrepeneur, whose services Tae refused.moreless
  • To My Angel Misao
    Episode 27
    At Kamiya Doujou, Yahiko was practicing with Misao and kept losing from her. The others asked Misao when she would be going back to Kyoto and Misao resovled to return right then. But they had a visitor and it turned out to be Ochira and Omasu, and they were with Aoshi-sama as well! Okina had told them to come to Tokyo to pick Misao up.moreless
  • The Two Guides
    Episode 26
    Kenshin and Melders of the Black Nights have a final clash. Yahiko and Yutaro have a chance to prove they are heroes and represent the Kaniya Kashin Style.
  • Schneider's Bet
    Episode 25
    Kenshin and the rest of the gang quickly defeats the Sanada Three and proceed to follow a bat to where Misanagi and the Black Knights are. Meanwhile Misanagi and the three knights reach the elixir. At this point Meldars decides to betray her, and orders Lentz to attack. As he is about to strike the fatal blow, Schneider saves her. Lentz steps back as Schneider and Meldars begin to fight, and Schneider is easily defeated. Just as Meldars is about to execute him, Kenshin-gumi comes to the rescue.moreless
  • 5/16/98
    The Kenshin group escapes the perils beneath Ruijin Lake and find Kaita of the Sanada ninjas, severely injured by the Black Nights. Yutaro uses his medicinal skills to save Kaita's life, so he leads them back through the ruins. While the Black Nights continue searching for the Divine Elixir, Misinagi sends her elite group of ninjas to attack the Kenshin group.moreless
  • A Straying Journey
    Episode 23
    The Kenshin group follow the clues on the ancient document Dr. Hans gave them. Along with Misao and Yutaro, Kenshin, Sano, Kauru and Yahiko undergo a perilous journey. But the Black Knights are laying in wait.
  • 5/5/98
    The Sanata Ninjas have joined forces with an army of German swordsmen, the Black Nights. They ruthlessly seek the Divine Elixir, a fabled object of such immense value that it could supply their forces with enough wealth to build vast armies for world domination. The Kenshin group, with Yutaro and the Aoniwobon group, will try to stop their evil ambitions.moreless
  • Yutaro Returns
    Episode 21
    A group searches a room, but instead of finding what they are looking for, they uncover a picture of Yutarou and an old man. Yahiko, Kaoru and Kenshin come home after practicing at a different Doujou to find Yutaro and Prof. Hans.
  • 4/14/98
    The Beniaoi are a group of samurai who worked served previous era's leader along with Kaishu Katsu. The Beniaoi blame Katsu for the hardship they endured since the end of the revolution and have kidnapped his daughter Itsko. Katsu's apprentice Akuma Digaro and the Kenshin group rush to save Itsko and learn of the true mastermind behind the Beniaoi.moreless
  • 3/10/98
    The unhealed scars from past chaos and the flames wavers from the cries of shame. The passion of the past melts 300 years of ice,causing the river to rise and the water begins to move a boulder. Seasons change but will it arise in that certain person's heart.
  • 3/3/98
    One aims to be a key figure in the new era while the other has a dream of the future twinkling in eyes. The outstretched hand of the old man cannot be seen by the two youths. And, evil hands of darkness descend upon the flower buds.
  • 2/24/98
    Kaishu Katsu, a warrior from battles far in the past, is under attack from unknown assassins. After the Kenshin group saves him, he sends his daughter Itsko and his apprentice Akuma to stay at the Kamia Kashin dojo with them. Kenshin suspects the old warrior Kaishu Katsu has a lot more to worry about.moreless
  • Crush!
    Episode 16
    Kenshin and company stop at the Hakone Hot Springs on the way home to Tokyo. They rest, eat, and then discover Kenshin lost all their money because of a hole in his sleeve. The Kenshin-gumi offer to work off the debt, and since the owner needs the help, he accepts. They go to work. Kaoru and Misao are delivering dinners. They mistakenly deliver one to the wrong room and come upon a young art student who has lost his muse. The art student sees Kaoru and believes he has found his muse in her. He spies on her and Misao in the hot springs. Misao knocks him out of a tree with a bucket. Kenshin, Sano, and Yahiko come running. The art student, cornered, confesses all and Kaoru agrees to model for him (she is thrilled).moreless
  • 2/10/98
    A man claiming to be the Battousai appears in a small village the Kenshin group is passing through on its way back from the ordeal with Shougo. Following him to his dojo, Kenshin is drafted into his ranks as an apprentice and begins his training (which he fails miserably). When a man appears to incite the local thugs, they begin to get aggressive and make an attack on the dojo, which is actually an orphanage for children who've lost their parents in war.moreless
  • Bon Voyage
    Episode 14
    Shogo Amakusa leaves Japan and he and his followers, are sent to Holland
  • The Last Crusade
    Episode 13
    Kenshin challenges Shogo to a final duel
  • Sanosuke's Tears
    Episode 12
    Sanosuke tries desperately to get Lady Saiou to a doctor, but is attacked by Kaiou's henchmen. Sanosuke begs her to stay alive but realizes he may be facing tragedy. Meanwhile, Kaioh's evil plans begin to come to fruition as Lord Shogo leads his Christian followers to martyr themselves against the Japanese army. Kenshin arrives to try and save them.moreless
  • The Sneering Demon
    Episode 11
    The Kenshin group battles ones of the evil Kaiou's henchmen, who attacks the blind Kenshin with deadly wires. Meanwhile, Sanosuke and Shozo try to protect Lady Saiou from another henchmen, who wields a huge mace. The two groups reunite and try to formulate a plan to stop Kaiou from sacrificing Lord Shogo and his followers.moreless
  • The Days of Remorse
    Episode 10
    Misao explains to the Kenshin group the intelligence she gathered about Shougo and Sayo's past. Meanwhile, Sanosuke and Sayo discover Kaioh's conspiracy and confront him.
  • Kaiou's Conspiracy
    Episode 9
    Sano is unconscious and lying on the floor of a cave. When he wakes up, he finds himself looking into the face of Magdaria. She notices he is hurt, takes him back to her home in the hill, patches him up, (almost kisses him), argues with him, gets angry, and locks him in the room. Meanwhile, Kaioh, Santo, and Amakusa Shougo are plotting the demise of the Meiji government through the instigation of a civil war, but they are disagreeing over price and methodology. Carrying a gun, Magdaria goes back to the room where she locked Sano, but he has disappeared.moreless
  • 12/9/97
    The round man has Kenshin down and surrounded by the dogs, but then he loses the whistle with which he controls them. Kenshin ends up saving himself and the round man from the dogs. The round man is confused, since Kaioh-sama told him that Kenshin is a demon and has to be killed, but Kenshin saved the round man's life. The round man chains Kenshin to a tree and goes for Magdaria to see what he should do with Kenshin.moreless
  • 12/2/97
    In Shimabara, Yahiko almost gets run down by a carriage carrying the Ambassador of Holland, Elsten-dono. Kenshin and Elsten recognize each other, since Kenshin saved Elsten's life 10 years ago at the end of the Edo dynasty. The Kenshin-gumi go to the ambassador's residence for tea and crumpets. Magdaria and Shougo are traveling by carriage, then boat to Shimabara.moreless
  • 11/11/97
    An eclipse. Amakusa Shougo appears at the place Cho is protecting. He defeats Cho and then kills the man he came to kill. Cho tells Kenshin that Amakusa is better than Kenshin. Okina finds out that the three men Amakusa has killed were responsible for persecuting Christians during the Edo dynasty.moreless
  • 11/18/97
    Shimabara Chapter. The Kenshin-gumi receives a letter from Misao. She reports on a murder mystery in Kyoto and a dead body with strange carvings on the flesh. Aoshi is approached by a man seeking protection from a written death threat. Aoshi refuses, but Misao sees the letter and takes it to Okina. Okina says the writing is either Portuguese or Dutch, and the symbol on the bottom of the letter was the same symbol carved into the body of the murdered man.moreless
  • Kaoru, Ecstatic
    Episode 4
    It is Tanabata, July 7th. Tsubame-chan, Kaoru, and Tae-san are window shopping. Tae tells Kaoru what an engagement ring symbolizes. Kaoru starts daydreaming about Kenshin asking her to marry him, the wedding, the wedding night and we break to Kaoru passed out flat on her back in the middle of the street with Tae leaning over her. Tae decides that Kaoru is frustrated and needs her help to find happiness with Kenshin. Kenshin goes fishing and comes back with a catfish. Kaoru apparently hates catfish. Kenshin takes a bite of fish and bites into a ring. Tae talks him into giving the ring to Kaoru.moreless
  • 11/4/97
    When he finds himself under attack by the Kenwadan, a gang of masked men, a politician, Mr Takamori, throws the key to his safe into an alleyway. Unexpectedly, the key is promptly picked up by a dog, who then escapes with it into a river, despite the gang's frantic pursuit. While praying at the shrine for better luck at dice, Sanosuke comes across the dog, now half-dead, and carries it back to the Kamiya dojo to be looked at by Megumi. Cue comic adventures as the dog, which Sanosuke names Notaro, promptly tears the Kenshin Group's lives apart, eating their food, stealing and burying their possessions, and generally making a nuisance of himself. But it doesn't take the Kenwadan Gang long to track Notaro down. Will Kenshin and the others be able to fend them off and find the key before the gang do?moreless
  • 10/28/97
    A foreign prince is attacked by bandits. As Kenshin and Kaoru are returning from a play, they see this and Kenshin intervenes. During the attack the prince was injured, so Kenshin and Kaoru take them back to the dojo. As it turns out, Prince Shin looks exactly like Yahiko, and so Yahiko is put in his place to attend a banquet. At the banquet the bandits attack yet again, but our favorite samuai is there to protect Yahiko, along with Sanosuke.moreless
  • The Legend of the Fireflies
    Kenshin decides to go to the river to fish so they could have something to eat, while at the river he meets an old man who tells him about the legend of the fireflies.