Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 31

The Age Chooses Shishio?

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 20, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • I am somewhat speechless for a summary...

    Ok, I'll try to make this review a good one... first it was a perfect episode, it was just plain amazing. At the beggining we see Kenshin recovering from Shishio's cannibal acts of biting him, and then after some small talk Shishio traps Kenshin in a fire vortex, and finishes him off with an attack using the fire from his sword mixed with the gunpowder in his glove, finishing Kenshin. Is he dead? He better not be... maybe he'll survive, I doubt they would kill the main chatacter like that though. But that's not all.

    Then, out of know where Saito pops out and does an ambush straight for Shishio's forehead and it's it head on. Does it even scath Shishio? No, because Shishio anticipated it. Then Saito uses all four stances of the Gatotsu and fails to even scratch Shishio. He is hopelessly defeated, sadly. I think he is dead, that wound had so much blood, so he has a higher chance of death than Kenshin.

    Now that two of our heroes our down, Sanosuke tries to stand up to fight. It's not helping, because Sanosuke is completely, utterly completely outmatched by Shishio and loses almost instantly, even after trying so hard to keep his promise to his friends. All of our heroes are down. Wait... except one. Aoshi Shinomori.