Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 34

The Choice for Life

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Oct 11, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Sano and Aoshi drag an unconcious Kenshin as they run to escape from the Shishio's burning lair. Saito stays behind and disappears into the flames. Anji and Soujiro also escape, Anji carrying Hoji. Aoshi, Sano, and Kenshin return to Akabeko.

The story skips forward a month and Kenshin wakes up to find a big celebration. Cho comes and reveals that he has become a spy for the government. He then tells the gang about the fates of the other members of the Juppongatana.moreless

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  • Kenshin wakes!

    This episode is mostly just a recap of what just happened and helps you understand certain things. I was personally happy that the Kenshin-gumi finally defeated Shishio. Rurouni Kenshin was pulling a Dragonball Z during this season. The battles were really long, but they were still good. During this episode you think that Kenshin and Kaoru might get a little closer to each other(which they kinda do)but, they are really lame about it. Kenshin and Kaoru are walking down the path to the dojo and there's a build up of maybe something romantic will happen, but no. Kenshin just puts his hand in Kaoru's. I guess it's romantic, but you think that they would at least hug or kiss. The romantic aspect of the show doesn't satisfy me. Other wise this episode it's pretty good. Mostly just talking in this episode though.moreless
Philece Sampler

Philece Sampler

Misao Makimachi

Kirk Thornton

Kirk Thornton

Hajime Saito

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Beshimi, Gekki, Cho Sawahimojo

Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Sanosuke Sagara

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Shura/Soba Waitress (English)

Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes

Yohei Senbonya

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Misao: What about that gay guy girl thing?
      Kaoru: Yeah, the one we fought. I think his name something.

    • Kenshin: We fought for what we believed was right when we defeated Shishio. But, he tried to prove he was right by winning, but he also fought for what he believed in. In that way, he's not so different from us. In a different world, he might have been our ally. Whether or not what we've done is right will be judged by the next generation. But an era of the survival of the fittest, where the strong survive and the weak die...Such an era would be a hell on Earth. I know it...

    • Yahiko: Hey, Kenshin...we won, right? We did the right thing didn't we?

      Kenshin: If you think we are right because we won, you're thinking like Shishio.

      (Yahiko's eyes go wide)

    • Soujiro: Two men can live their lives on the same path and have completely different faiths and beliefs. And two men can spend ten years finding the truth about themselves. So I guess I'll find something to believe in after I've looked for ten years.

    • Kenshin: (To Chou) Makoto Shishio, Yumi Komagata, and the Juppongatana. Their names will not be left in history, but I keep them in my heart. Perhaps you could tell that to Houji Sadojima when you visit his grave.
      Chou: He'd probably be none too happy to hear that coming from one of his mortal enemies...but I will.

    • Hajime Saitou: I've faced more of these life-or-death Situations then any of you.

    • Chou: Aw shoot, and here I was trying to make a grand entrance, you guys are no fun at all.

    • Kamatari: So, Shishio-sama, Yumi... they're dead? Maybe I should be too...
      Chou: Well, if that's what you want, but Shishio won't be happy about it. Since you joined late, you didn't know about the Juppon-gatana's other mission. If we failed, we were to spread the story of Shishio and his ideals, so that the government couldn't cover them up. Shishio often joked that you'd be the best storyteller of us all.
      (Kamatari smiles)

    • Misao: No you won't, I won't let you. I'll tell on you, you won't get away with it!

    • Okina: To think that a man like Shishio would say that...
      Kaoru: I feel awkward now...
      Chou: What are you talking about, I lied.
      Chou: Still, it's better for Kamatari to live. And maybe someday, something good will happen for him.

    • Sanosuke: (To Misao) Shut up weasel-girl.

    • Kenshin: If you're saying that the one who lives is right, then you would be as evil as Makoto Shishio. We all fought for what we believed in in this time of struggle and defeated Shishio in the end. However, Shishio tried to prove his strength by winning battles, and acted upon his beliefs, that he did.
      In that respect, he is no different from any of us. In the end, perhaps the times decided to side with us, and what's right will be determined by the future generations based on the history being created today, that it will.
      Even so, an era dominated by the survival of the fittest where the strong live and the weak die is definitely wrong.

  • NOTES (2)

    • An overview of what happened to the Juppongatana:

      -Chou becomes a police officer, or, more of a private dick as he calls it.

      -Henya joined the army and patrols the Asian continent as their eye in the sky.

      -Saizuchi's a low-profile government official for the Department of Foreign Affairs, handling the tougher negotiations.

      -Fuji works in the fields during the day and as a Ton Den soldier at night, protecting the Northern part of Hokkaido.

      -Kamatari will pose as an international exchange student and infiltrate advanced nations as a female spy.

      -Anji is stuck in prison up in a provincial jail in Hokkaido. The government gave him 25 years.

      -Houji commits suicide in jail and later on meets Shishio and Yumi in Hell.

      -Soujirou and Iwanbo are still out, free, and at large.

    • The last we see of Shishio, Yumi and Houji, they end up in the underworld (Hell) and plan on taking it over.