Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 34

The Choice for Life

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Oct 11, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Kenshin wakes!

    This episode is mostly just a recap of what just happened and helps you understand certain things. I was personally happy that the Kenshin-gumi finally defeated Shishio. Rurouni Kenshin was pulling a Dragonball Z during this season. The battles were really long, but they were still good. During this episode you think that Kenshin and Kaoru might get a little closer to each other(which they kinda do)but, they are really lame about it. Kenshin and Kaoru are walking down the path to the dojo and there's a build up of maybe something romantic will happen, but no. Kenshin just puts his hand in Kaoru's. I guess it's romantic, but you think that they would at least hug or kiss. The romantic aspect of the show doesn't satisfy me. Other wise this episode it's pretty good. Mostly just talking in this episode though.