Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 12

The Creation of the Reverse-Blade Sword

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network



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  • Quotes

    • Seikuu: The samurai have thrown their swords away, so I threw away swordsmithing as well.

    • Misao: A swordsmith who focused on forging swords that could kill also made a reverse-blade sword that couldn't kill? That doesn't make any sense!
      Okina: If you were to examine a man's entire life, you would see that it's full of contradictions. Right, Mr. Himura?
      (Kenshin doesn't answer as they keep walking.)

    • (After Okina shares information about the makers of the reverse blade sword.)
      Kenshin: Thank you, but it will be dangerous for you to travel with me during broad daylight.
      Okina: Mr. Himura, your opponent is Shishio. He'll find us sooner or later, no matter what. Shall we go?
      Kenshin: Sir Okina!
      Okina: Mr. Himura, you'll be fighting Shishio and his men for the sake of the people of this country. You must stand firm and look forward at all times. That is the path a man of justice should take. (suddenly raises hand and flashes the victory sign) HOW WAS THAT? PRETTY GOOD , HUH? (cackles wildly)
      Misao: (to Kenshin) Gramps may be a little silly sometimes but don't let that fool you.

    • Okina: Everyone here was a part of the Oniwaban group. And each one of them is perfectly capable of taking care of defending herself or himself.
      Kenshin: But, sir.
      Okina: I won't take no for an answer, Mr. Himura. And Misao can take care of herself too since I'm the one who raised her.
      Kenshin: I guess you're the type that likes to talk and not listen.
      Okina: (laughs) That's most certainly true.

    • Little Boy: Shake hand, shake hand.
      (Kenshin smiles and shakes the boy's hand)

    • Little Boy: (Upon seeing Chou, points at his hair) Broom, broom!

  • Notes

    • The Sakasa Kuchu Noutou means Reverse In-Air Sword-Sheathe. Chou performs this with the Seiku's son, Iori, on the sheath, as a means to get Seiku to tell him the location of Shaku Arai's final masterpiece sword.

    • Katanagari, Chou's nickname, literally means Sword-Hunter. Chou likes to collect rare and strange swords.

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