Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 33

The Man Who is Chosen for Victory

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Oct 04, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Battle is Final Over!

    I love this episode! This is with doubt one of the best episodes ever! Probably the actually #1 best episode ever. The music was wonderful. I don't uauslly comment on things like that, but this series I just love the musical score. The experssions on the characters' faces was done beautiful! Not meation the plot was done with extreme twists and turns. I mean Sisho kills Yumi! He kills his own girlfriend! And she actually happy about it! That just shows how nuts they're. Though it's somewhat romantic in a strange twisted villianous creepy way. This is just a wonderful episode! I can't tell how great it actually is. You really need to watch it and see for yourself.
  • Shishio is finally dead!

    In the end after this entire season of murders and killing and blood shed, Shishio is finally dead! Not without a price though, it's hard to believe he actually killed Yumi his own girlfriend just to get a cheap shot at Kenshin. Yumi was actually happy though, and now they are probably in hell. Anyway, the whole group is now sustaining super injuries(even though Saito can still use Gatotsu) and will they be able to make it out of Shishio's evil layer after Houji has set the whole place on fire and made numerous explosions and such? We'll just have to see in the next episode.
  • the fallen of one of the best killer

    NOw is time to runaway...well done...the time is up for shishio. now the grup have to get out of the hell that is making explotion.saito take a other way to get out of the palace.kinshi is in bad conditon so the rum so the end he wake up and everithing had pass away no more shihio and yuppongatana.all o the menber take differnte way and made his one of the bes epi realy it is so good one .and it is a little funny .i hope that the siries continue in taht way .because i ove this sieson it was so deeply and great.actually there are no much episode like this one so it is special it had a little bit of everything.

    Well thei thing is that i love the part that one of the menber of the gang i think that is is the oficial just look sanosuke and he just say see you i will take other road.sanosuke was angre really angry he want to finsh the battel with him but he can't.I hpe that one day we can wacth tha battel i belive that it ell be one of the best epi of the show.