Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 28

The Tragedy of a Stormy Night

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Aug 30, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Soujiro's past...

    This was a really good flashback episode for Soujiro, and how he met Shishio and learned his nindo. When Soujiro was a child he was abused by a somewhat wealthy family of people in the rice buisness and they made him do all the work, and blame him for messing up even when he did not. Then came Shishio and Soujiro saw him killing these police officers but Shishio says he won't kill Soujiro if he provides him shelter, bandages, and food. And that's what he does until the people who are abusing him come and find out. Then he kills them with his sword... it was a really emotional episode, and it pulled you in because a lot of people can understand Soujiro's pain with abusing a child and so forth... so Soujiro and Shishio aren't all that bad, there just fighting for what they think is right... great episode.
  • one of my favorite

    Ok it is great kenshin is lossing the battle against souyiro and he looked like he was just played with kendkin it is so cool the movesment and the way that souyiro was attaking kenshin...poor man souyiro only have to move a little his bade and he cut and slide everything that is in his way i do nt know how kenkin wi that battle but it is so cool specily the attack athat injured kenskin a lot and he souyiro only smile that was so creepy . i love that bttle . in other word is one of the bis of the best battle in the show .But i have to say that in the end souyiro was jus a viction of shishio por of him .enyway he still be one of the best killer of the show .

    one of the thing that i dont like was the history of souyiro it is so dad he was just a kid went he bigan to kill people and he kill so much persons in general.It is one of my fovorite good episode.souyiro is one of the character that has suffer alot poor of him the only thing that he need is a little bit of love and that is not more than that in the end he fanaly faind it ....his way.