Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 22

The Wolf Destroys the Shingan

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 12, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Can Kenshin beat Aoshi... and can the Aoiya group defeat three of the Juppongata?

    This episode was amazing. I loved the Saito versus Usui battle, even if the dialogue weighed it down a bit, the dialogue really gave us something to respect about Saito. With his "eye of the heart" he really saw through Shishio's usage of Usui and how Usui really has left his beliefs, although he pretends to be as strong as he says and wants to kill Shishio himself. Saito impaling Usui in the end was really cool, but Usui licking Saito's blood off his sword was... ugh. Very cool match though.

    Kenshin verses Aoshi... or will he verse him at all? We'll see. And I wonder how the Aoiya group will fare. Can Kaoru and Yahiko really take on a member of the Juppongata by themselves, while Kenshin struggled to defeat one? What about Misao and that stick throwing queer(words of Yumi from this series)? Will they be able to handle it? We'll see, next episode (hopefully).
  • Saitou and the others enter the room of screams.Saitou is awaited by Usui,one of the top fighters of the Juppongatana.Usui who is blind in both eyes but is still very skilled because his eye of the heart but Saitou over powers him with his Gatotsu.

    This episode reveals alot about Saitou and his special move the Gatotsu. The Gototsu is not only used in one basic move. It can be used up close, in the air, or diagnolly. So it shows that Saitou has more tricks up his sleeve then shishio thinks, But overall this episode was well written and it is fine example of why i watch this series.