Samurai X

Season 2 Episode 30

Two Men at the End of an Era

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 13, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • That last move looked like it really hurt...

    The beggining of this episode pretty much brought it all down. The entire first half was pretty pale in comparison to the rest of the series, with flashbacks of what we've seen and what not. It would help if you haven't seen the other episodes, but after watching the others and remembering them it didn't help. So that's why this episode has a low score considering the others ones I've reviewed. The ending however was superb... the battle itself was pretty cool, Shishio uses... human fat to kill. Eww. And in the end, do you know what he did to Kenshin? He BIT him. BITE is more accurate, but that was disgusting. Like deep, Very deep. There was blood everywhere. It looked horrible. That must've hurt like he11... well, it was a really good episode with a cliffhanger ending.
  • The anticipated battle with a lot of flashbacks prior.

    Overall this story starts out awful and ends wonderfully.

    The anticipated battle is about to begin...but first there is talk about Petrolium. This is a funny discussion because of todays present distain for this polluting substance.

    The optomism of Yahiko and Kaoru is a little bit insulting to a watcher. This due mainly to the fact that their thinking is centered aroung Kenshin being unbeatable. This weight they put on his shoulders is very heavy, yet could be the underlying reason why Kenshin is so strong and determined. Even with this, I cannot aprove of the optomism that is so unrealistic (something i doubt happens in real life).

    A downfall of this episode is the flashbacks. Useful when you havn't seen the show in a while, but boring when you have just watched many in a row.

    The mention of human fat is definatly an interesting point. It catches the watcher's attention and for people as morbid as myself, provides wonderful entertainment. The biting however is a little creepy.